Sunday, 10 April 2011

Coconut Oil ♥ Love for your hair! ♥

Good evening lovely peoples!

I thought i would share with you a little treat for you hair!

Coconut Oil….


Im sure you have all seen this on other blogs etc but i thought it deserved a little rave from me as well!

The one i use is from Superdrug, It comes in a little 125ml tub…

When you open the lid and the coconut scent hits you, you notice the product is a kind of solid oil… You just need to scoop some out and rub between your hands and it soon melts! I only use this oil on the mid to end parts of my hair, although i know some people have used this on their roots too but i am avoiding this as i don’t want to chance it!

I then whip my hair up in to the worlds highest bun on top of my head and leave it so soak in for at least 15 mins… although im usually doing something else that i leave on for half an hour or so… sometimes even more!!


Then i rinse out with just warm to hot water first then stick my usual shampoo on and then cover my hair in conditioner for a little bit and then wash out….

The true magic is when you have blow dried and straightened your hair, or done whatever you do to your hair….

My hair at the moment feels like silk… all the ends look replenished and healthy! And my hair looks silky shiny!

I use the coconut oil on my hair every now and again, usually about once a week or when i feel my hair needs a little pick me up!

And another fab point to this product is its cheapy and easy to get your hands on!

I love this product and a small tub of this has lasted me a while as well, you don’t need to much of this as its oil and goes a long way!

So if your hair is crying out for a little tlc, or you want to give your barnet a little treat then get your hands on some coconut oil!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

March Favourites! ♥

I cant believe we are in April already!!

Time is flying… but its getting nearer to my holiday at the end of May so i don’t mind!!

Anyway back to the post… March Faves!

This past few weeks i have been covering my skin in lots of body butters and lotions!

3 i have been using lots are…DSCF1136 (2)

First one is a freebie i got from Marie Clare magazine… Cowshed, i got the knackered cow one lol! It smells exactly like the salon i get my eyelashes done in, and it smells lush in there!

Next one is Garnier Intensive lotion in Shea butter scent.. i had my eye on these for a while and when i saw then on offer for £1.50 i snapped one up!

Lastly is another Garnier one that also smells amazing, kind of a fruity lemon scent!

I am getting right in to the routine of covering my skin with some lovely lotions after i shower!

Next up is…

DSCF1147 (2)

My big round brush

My brother actually got me this for Christmas, i had seen many people on YouTube showing how they have their hair lots of volume using these brushes, it has taken lots of attempts but i am getting the hang of using this brush and the results are good!

I use this brush most times when i blow dry my hair!

Next is product ive seen  many blogs blogging about and a few You tubers too…

John Frieda 3 day straight!

I really do like this product… When spritzing this on to the hair you can sometimes get a bit spray happy but i know now you only need to spray it about 4- 6 times otherwise too much leaves a odd stickyish feeling to the hair until its blow dried and straightened!

This product if anything does leave your hair silky soft and extremely straight!

2 Other hair care products i have been loving are…

Soap and Glory’s Glad hair day shampoo… This shampoo does leave your hair feeling like its nice and clean and really had a re-freshing wash! It doesn’t leave any feeling of build up on the hair either like some heavy shampoo’s can do. I got this from a Soap & Glory set i got but i would re-purchase this when it runs out! Smells Lush too!

DSCF1150 (2)

Along with this shampoo i have been using the John Frieda Smooth Start conditioner, i have re-purchased this conditioner so many times since i picked up my first one… i not only love the way this conditioner leaves my hair feeling, but i love the smell… lol seems my fave’s this month are all about lush smells! But i can smell this conditioner on my hair even after its washed out and a few other products have been added!

Keep any eye out as in Boots this range is on either 3 for 2 or sometimes 2 for £7 i think!


And last but not least is my… Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser!

DSCF1149 (2)

This product has totally changed my skin & skin routine, i used this product in the morning and at night and i am addicted!

It really leaves you skin feeling fresh and clean!

I recommended this to a lady i work with and she has been blown away with it aswell, she said when she gets home from work she actually looks forward to using Liz Earle cleanser and taking off her make up!! Its nice to know that a product can change your out look as well as i know sometimes the last thing you can be bothered to do sometimes after a hard day is to take off your make up etc… although i always no matter what, take off my make up!!

I hope my fave’s gives you a few idea’s on some lovely items that you might want to try out too!!


Finally… Urban Decay Naked Palette!

So i finally got my hands on one of the very much wanted Urban Decay Naked Palette!

After keeping an eye on Debenhams website for sometime, i spotted one evening that they had stock!!

Out came the card and my order was placed!

I also got it for £28 as they had a money off offer on! Its back up to £32, when they have it back in stock!

Keep an eye on the below link to pick one up!

When it arrived i had wished i had got one when it first came out as its an amazing palette!

I have used this palette so many times since i have got it, you really only need a little bit of shadow as they are very well pigmented!

You also get a mini primer potion and instead of the eyeliners you get a brush too!

I love this palette and even though some people may think the price is a bit high… you do get a lot of eye shadows + a brush and primer potion and if you work out how much it would cost to buy each shadow + brush on their own you are saving a lot of pennies!

The shades of the eyeshadows are ones i think would suit every eye colour!

I took this palette away with me for a girlie weekend and all my friends wanted to know where i got it from and wanted one!!


DSCF1128 (2)

DSCF1129 (2)

DSCF1131 (2)

DSCF1133 (2)

DSCF1134 (2)

DSCF1135 (2)

Keep an eye out peoples who didn’t get one and want one as you will get one eventually!!