Friday, 26 February 2010

Fragrance Direct Haul – St Moriz!!

I thought i would share with you a fab website i have just received an order from

I have looked in many TKmaxx stores etc for the ever so much loved St Moriz tanning products but never seem to find it – so i had a look online and found this site that has it for £2.99 which i think is how much people have been finding it for!

I ordered both products they have, the tanning mousse and the tanning spray!

Both costing only £2.99 – you do need to pay post and packaging but the order came mega quick! i only ordered Wednesday and paid standard delivery and it came today Friday!

I am really looking forward to trying out these products but if you cant see this in shops near you i would urge you to order from here!

Picture 223

Picture 224 Picture 226


Mini Haul <3

Here are a few items i have picked up recently on offer!

First item from Superdrug that is currently on offer for £4.99 instead of £9.99 is the Neutrogena Wave.

Picture 227 

I have seen this out in the shops many times but thought £9.99 was a bit much to just try something out so when i saw this on offer i thought i would get one!

Next item from Superdrug is a GOSH lip Jam – The colour i got was On Stage – At my GOSH stand there are a few items with little yellow 1/2 price stickers on so this was half price at £3.50 and it smells sooo yummy like bubblegum taste!

Picture 228

Picture 230

Last item i got whilst having a look in Boots and it was on a clearance stand for £5 instead of around £11 was a Benefit lipgloss in the shade Kiss You – a sweet smelling berry colour!

Picture 231 Picture 232

So anyway just thought i would show you some bargins ive picked up!


Saturday, 13 February 2010

L'Oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub – Review <3

Hey Lovelies

Product i am reviewing today is one of the face scrub style products i have recently brought!

L’oreal Perfect clean foaming scrub.


Picture 214

Now this comes in 3 types depending on your skin type, i picked up the one for all skin types as it smelt lovely!

Product claims -

Foaming Gentle Scrub - Exfoliating for All Skin Types.
Introducing 'Perfect Clean' with the "Pop Me Out" Scrublet - a soft, flexible brush.
The Scrublet + Foaming Gentle Scrub:
- Clean sensation.
- Pores look smaller.
- Velvety smooth skin.

The product comes with a little scrublet as they call it!

Picture 215

Directions for use:
- Pop out The Scrublet and slide between fingers.
- Apply a small amount of the gentle scrub onto The Scrublet.
- Gently massage onto wet face using The Scrublet to lather the gentle scrub. After use, thoroughly rinse The Scrublet with water and replace in the pack. Can also be attached to a tiled bathroom wall or mirror.

I am not sure how much off the top of my head how much the cost but i think its around £4.99.

What i think of the product -

Well i really like this product – it has a really yummy fruit smell, kinda of like Satsuma's!

The little scublet is as described really soft, so when this product is applied to it and used on the face it feels really smooth and nice! The scrublet is really easy to use and the product comes out well and doesn't shoot out a load of the product at once!

After i have used the product my skin has been left feeling smooth, soft and fresh and clean!

It feels different so some face scrubs you can get which can sometimes be harsh and feel like they have ripped the top layer of your skin off!

I really like this scrub and i will continue to use it!

Also another thing i like about this product is a little bit goes a long way! You really do only need to apply a small amount of the scrub which contains small beadlets of exfoliating product, on to the scublet for it to go around the face etc well without needing much!

Anyone else tried?