Monday, 26 April 2010

Hollipop time <3

Just thought i would share…

Because i am a little excited…

i am off to Egypt tomorrow morning…


After having our flights cancelled we rebooked and i have secretly been counting down the days…

Woo and tomorrow i shall hopefully be sat on a plane on my way to Egypt!

So see you all in a week!

Hurghada, Egypt - Hilton Long Beach Resort Hotel3

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Mini Haulage <3

Today being an ever so boring Sunday i took myself off to the shops!

From New Look i picked up these really pretty gladiator style sandals for £14 – Bargin!

Picture 248

Picture 249

Picture 250

Picture 251

I am taking these on holiday and have been wearing them today and they are so comfy!

Next from River Island i picked up these earrings! Sparkly black hearts! i have these in bright pink too but i thought these would go perfect with the next item! These were £5.99

Picture 253

Picture 254

Then from Next i got this top, just a plain white top with cute little capped sleeves, but with this lovely sequin heart on the front! Reminds me of one i saw on the victoria secret website! This was £14 and i thought would go nicely with the River Island earrings! also it had 3 cute  buttons at the back!

Picture 255

Picture 256


NOTD – NUBAR – Hyacinth Sparkle <3

So whilst i was stood in the salon i get my eyelashes done my eyes were drawn to this amazing nail polish!

By NUBAR – in shade Hyacinth sparkle – a beautiful sparkly mega glittery purple polish!

£8.00 later it was in my bag and i was on my way home to use it straight away!


Now be prepared for some toe shots… as i only wear polish on my toe nails and i couldn't find any tips to swatch this i had to made do with my toes!

Picture 242

Picture 244

Picture 245

Picture 246

Picture 247

i tried to get as many shots of the true amazingly sparkly colour but the light was dubbing it out!

I put three coats of this on just so i could get maximum coverage and boost of colour but 2 coats would be enough!

This polish is amazing when the sunlight hits it, it goes really sparkly and looks lovely… my toes have had many compliments!

I am defo going to be looking in to buying more nail polishes from this brand… i found on they have this brand at £6.50 for most colours which is a few pounds off what i paid at the salon, but it was worth every pound of the £8 i paid!

Also if you look on the site there is a true to life swatch next to the colour i have got!

Toes now all ready for my holiday on Tuesday!


Monday, 5 April 2010

March Favourite's <3 <3




Soap and Glory Hand Food – i have been addicted to this amazing smelling hand cream – its my hands favourite food!

Flip flops – I know the weather isn’t really warm enough yet but i have actually been able to wear my flip flops one day this past week gone!

IPod touch – I am currently filling up my IPod touch ready for my holiday and keep having a listen to it on the little speakers i have!

Britney Spears Perfume – I love this scent – One of the summer!

Chanel Chance – My all time favourite perfume <3

Herbal Essences Spilt ends conditioner – This defo makes my hair all silky soft and smells lush!

St Ives microderm-abrasion scrub – i have had a few horrible break outs recently so picked up this item which again smells really nice – but when used leaves my face feeling all fresh!

<3 xxxx <3

NOTD - Rimmel 60 seconds 825 Sky High <3

As most of you know i get my nails done in a salon – so the only time i use nail varnish is on my toes – which always have colour on

Through the winter its usually dark colours  but as the sun keeps popping its head out every now and again and because i am soon to be on my holiday pops i am getting out some of the brighter colours

Everyone seems to be in to pastel colours at the moment and whilst i am waiting for my Barry M ones to come through i picked up this lovely vibrant colour from Rimmel – Part of the 60 seconds range –in shade 825 Sky High.

Now don’t worry until my toes have been properly done i wont show you them with the colour on but i found a press on nail to show you the colour….

I cant seem to get the light right as it is showing up more blue on the photos but its a kind of green/ blue / turquoise colour

Picture 240

Picture 239

Picture 241

These picture’s aren't doing it much justice but you should check this colour out!


Easter Weekend Haulage <3

Hey lovelies

hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend!

I just thought i would show you a few Easter weekend bargain's i have picked up!

Superdrug seemed to be doing a blue X money off on certain products through out the store… i picked up the following…

Picture 235

Venus Breeze razor – this will be perfect for my holiday which is coming round quick, no foam needed as its all attached to the razor -

Veet – I hadn't seen this coloured box before so thought i would pick this up to use before my holiday to get rid of any un wanted hair!

Picture 236

L’Oreal Perfect Clean – Already being a fan of this product and the little scrublet! I spotted this new one that it ideal for Blemish prone skin – contains salicylic acid – so i thought i would get one of these!

All of these items had some money off of them but now looking at my till receipt they only put the price after on so i am not sure how much they were before!

Then in ASDA i spotted these curling tongs for £10 which is a bargain as i have seen them for £15- 20 in other shops!

Picture 234

I tend to use my GHD’s to curl my hair but i thought i would see what these are like for £10!

Anyone else pick up any Easter Bargains!?

Oh forgot to show you another bargain i picked up …. Easter eggs for my besties in Thornton's – i had names written on them – due to my rubbish photo taking you can really see but anyway!!

Picture 238