Sunday, 27 September 2009

Gillette Venus Breeze – Review

This is a review on a product by Gillette – The Gillette Venus Breeze Razor!

I’m to much of a chicken to get my legs waxed so I'm always looking out of a good razor… and i have found one!

I got this razor on offer @ Tesco’s for something like £3.99 which is a bargin for a good razor that comes with 2 blades and a lil pouch that attaches to the wall to hold the razor when not in use and also stores the extra blades!

Now here is a photo of the Razor and the blade that came with it so you can see what it looks like!

venus Picture 169 Picture 170

                  Picture 171

Above shows the lil holder and a spare blade!!

As you can see on the blade photo, it has 3 blades and then either side of them it has gel bars – this is because you don't need any gel or shaving foam with this razor, though i do use either some foam or a good product i use when doing my legs is hair conditioner – this makes your legs feel soft and extra smooth!

The products website claims -

2-in-1 Shave Gel Bars—Makes Shaving So Easy

The secret to a time-saving shave? Venus Breeze. Simply wet the razor for an amazingly smooth shave. Flexible Shave Gel Bars hug are built in, and contain rich body butters for a light lather, a smooth glide and no need for separate shave gel or soap.

I will without a doubt be re purchasing this item – it really does work well, and i have yet to have given myself a little nick from it… which is previous experience i have given myself a little razor cut, which doesn’t leave the prettiest of scars!

The built in gel bars either side of the blades helps glide over the leg and prevents you from catching yourself, also the razor is easy to hold on to!

10/10 for the Gillette Venus Breeze!!

I know this post isn’t make up related etc but i couldn't not tell all about this product!!


Windows Live Writer

Does anyone else use Windows Live Writer to do post on their blog?

I just found it on my laptop and will be using this from now on….So much easier!!



Primark Make up Palette & Virgin Vie Haul

Me again….

Whilst in Primark this week, i noticed a little make up palette they had costing £2… it has 10 eye shadow squares in it, kind of in the style of the Urban Decay Shadow palettes!

I thought at £2 it wouldn't hurt to get one and if its no good its only cost me £2!

Picture 139 Picture 143 Picture 144

I have tried to do some swatches of the colours but the lighter ones don’t seem to have come out to well…

Here the lights ones are with some Urban Decay Primer Potion… 

                 Picture 162

The colours in the palette are – A white frost colour – Glacier – Not sure how well this will come out on the eye!

A baby baby pink – Lavender – which was quite hard to swatch because it was so light!

A frosty baby blue – Denim – in the palette this does look a nice shade, but took a lot of the shadow to get a good swatch.

A coral – Blossom – Yet again will take a bit of the shadow to get the full colour.

A green – Paradise – This was a light one that took a bit to swatch!

A really bright bronze – Fudge – This one didn't take much to get a good swatch!

A dark navy blue – Midnight – I think because this is a dark colour the swatch came out well.

A purple – Regal – This is another darkish colour which came out well in swatch.

A dark black colour – Liquorice – Dark some came out well.

A grey with tiny bit of glitter – Galaxy – Another darker colour some came out Smokey.

I will review this little palette once i have had chance to use it… i think some colours will be good but for £2 you cant expect much!

Now to the Virgin Vie product -

This item cost me £3 in the sale and i love it!

Picture 157 Picture 158 Picture 161

This product is double ended and has a cream colour and a powder colour – I wore this on Friday night and it looked lovely! The cream colour is the main eye colour and then the powder is used to highlight it. This swatch doesn’t do it justice it really is a pretty purple colour!

Anyone else tried any make up items from Primark?


Lil Avon Haul

Hey lovely people!

These are some items that i have got from the Avon book that comes to my house! I think i keep that lady going lol… everytime i manage to find something to buy!!


Here we have some big colour eye pencils, i got the full set of these… they are double ended eye pencils! Picture 146Picture 147 Picture 148 Picture 149 Picture 151 Picture 153

The colours are – Plum & Angel, Blue & Ice, Green & Mint, and copper & Golden.

Here is a swatch of all of the colours, the swatch isn't that good as it was really bright in my bedroom when taking this photo, most of the colours are bright and come out nice!

Picture 156 

Cant wait to try these out!

Also i got a Blush face pearls – This is a mixture of blush and luminating pearls.

Picture 155

I shall keep you posted with how good any of these items are once i have used them a bit more!!


Monday, 21 September 2009

100 Subbies - Thankies!!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my blog... Just noticed i have now reached 100 subbies - Ta Muchly xx

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Weight loss...

Im not sure if this is something anyone is intrested in but i am so proud of myself i thought i would tell everyone!

As ive said in a post before i have been going to weight watchers...

Since doing it i have lost to date 1 Stone 1lb.... I am sooooo pleased!!

Every week i have gone par one week i have always lost something - it being a lb or more!

And the week before last i reached my first stone!!

Now i dont need to loose tons and tons of weight but i am looking to loose a bit, not sure how much yet but i will keep going until i am fairly happy with how i look - im not someone who is going to go silly with weight loss!

Its so good to start see my body change and clothes getting looser!! I think im going to be needing some new jeans soon as they are getting looser... spesh the ones i have on today.. getting fed up of pulling them up all the time!!

One thing that has kept me going and sticking to the weight watchers diet is the support i have recieved from my family and friends and all the lovely girlies i work with, every week they check in to see how i have got on and always always make me feel proud of what i am doing =) ! ! And its such a nice feeling when people start saying you can really see that your trimming down and loosing =)

I know this might not be something all are bothered about but i am proud so wanted so show this =)

I might just even show some before and after piccies once i finish!!


Products im loving....

Products im loving atm....

Rimmel Stay Matte pressed power -
See other blog post coming up regarding this product..

Collection 2000 Dazzle Me in StoneWash
Also see other coming up post on this item

Barry M Lipgloss in 6

Benefit Hoola

Boots Coconut & Almond Intensive Hair Mask -
See other previous posts on this product... Love love love this.. Already re-purchased!!


New shoes

I thought i would do a lil post on some shoes i have been wearing lots on nights out and really love!

They are from Next and ret
ail at £30!

Heel is 11cm high

They are from a collection they have called Runway.

Hehe a lil picture there for the shoes in action! The first time i wore these heels my feet were aching by the end of the night but as i have worn them so many times now i can wear this for a long period of time without them hurting... Can even dance away in them for a few hours... Thanks to the help of party feet which you can see inside on the second picture!!

Just thought i would share these lovely heels with you!


Maybelline Ambre Rose - Love this!!

I love Maybelline Ambre Rose Lipstick...

After seeing all the posts from the lucky ladies who got to go to the Maybelline event, i saw so many reviews and loves for the Ambre Rose lipstick... so i decided to try it out...

I use lots of lip glosses etc more than lipsticks until i tried out this lovely product... I love this shade, it comes out on your lips so well and creamy... I have been wearing this lipstick with the Barry M lipgloss in shade Iridescent Violet Glitter and the two of them go nicely together!

I know so many people have this lipstick so i know most will know what the colour looks like!

So just to anyone who hasnt tried this lipstick and is wondering if they should i would defo give this a go!!

The Pink Ped Egg - Review

Hey lovely peoples

Sorry for lack of postage recently...been mega busy.. but still keeping an eye on everyones posts!

This post is going to be about a product i am constantly seeing in Boots whenever i go in there and have seen many times on TV adverts... Its the Pink Ped Egg!!

Item retails at £9.99 but i decided to check out Ebay and picked one up for £3.99 inc p&p.

This product claims -

This unique foot file from JML uses 135 precision micro-files to gently remove calluses and hard skin, revealing irresistible, baby soft feet. Ergonomically designed and gentle on even the hardest skin, it comes with two exfoliating buffing pads, for a baby-soft finish. Best of all, it collects shavings in the storage compartment for no mess and no fuss.

The PedEgg is the revolutionary foot file that is precision engineered with over 135 stainless steel micro files. It gently removes calluses and dead skin to give your feet the incredible baby soft look and feel everybody loves. Two high quality exfoliating buffing pads have been included for the ultimate finishing touch.

The unique 'egg' shape of the PedEgg not only looks great, but it ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the plam of your hand for easy and convenient use. Best of all, PedEgg has been designed to collect that skin shavings in a convenient storage compartment allowingyou to use it anywhere with no mess.

So yesterday i tried out the product and my first impressions were good.... It kinda of reminds me of a little cheese grater.... You have to rub the egg back and forward on your foot... the instuctions that come with it tell you not to rub in an other direction. Once you have used it on your feet it has a file like pad which you stick on the bottom and you use this to smooth further.

This isnt a sharp item to use and it does make your feet feel nice and soft, i used this product on my feet just after i got out of the shower, but i am going to try out the egg when my feet have been in the foot spa to see if that makes a difference at all. Its been a day since ive used the ped egg and my feet still feel as nice as they did yesterday! This item would have been good to buy at the start of flip flop and sandal time but is a nice treat to use on feet during the cold winter months!!

Overall i found the Ped Egg a fab product – very easy to use and the funny part is when you have to empty the egg out and you see everything it has got off your foot in order to make them soft and smooth!!

All in all i like this product and will continue to use!!


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

ESPA collection

Hey lovelies!!

Hope everyones ok...

So whilst getting my lashes done last time i was talked in to buying a starter/introductory collection from a range called ESPA - £16

I had seen these products a lot whilst waiting to go in for
my eyelashes and they smelt really nice!

So whilst having the lashes done the salon lady asked me what i used on my skin etc and how long for etc... well i seem to try everything new that is out for only a few days then stop... which isnt correct really as i dont give the products time probably!

So the salon lady Bev mentioned these ESPA products, she told me in the little set, you get 5 items, and they will last a month, or at least a month... i thought omg at f
irst as the little pots of product do look very small, but you really do only need a tiny bit! I also picked up for £4 the cotton cleansing mitt!

Now in the mini colletion kit you get the following...

Hydrating cleansing milk -Claims - This is an execptionally gentle yet deeply cleansing water soluble creamy milk - It sweaps away impurities without effecting the natural balance of your skin, leaving your skin feeling cleansedrefreshed and hydrated.

Floral spafresh - A light hydrating splash with refreshing rose, elderflower and tangerine which soothes hydrates and revitalises skin.

Refining skin polish - A gentle cream exfoliator which clarifies, refines and helps renew tired, dull complexions.

24 Hr Moisturising complex - An ultra nourishing light cream
gel to protect, sooth and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eye area

Now the salon lady told me to use the products for a month and only those and to let her know how i get on... if i dont get on well with them then she will let ESPA know as she has had all good experiences with the products and uses them herself...

So keep tuned for a review of these products... has anyone else tried these?