Wednesday, 2 September 2009

ESPA collection

Hey lovelies!!

Hope everyones ok...

So whilst getting my lashes done last time i was talked in to buying a starter/introductory collection from a range called ESPA - £16

I had seen these products a lot whilst waiting to go in for
my eyelashes and they smelt really nice!

So whilst having the lashes done the salon lady asked me what i used on my skin etc and how long for etc... well i seem to try everything new that is out for only a few days then stop... which isnt correct really as i dont give the products time probably!

So the salon lady Bev mentioned these ESPA products, she told me in the little set, you get 5 items, and they will last a month, or at least a month... i thought omg at f
irst as the little pots of product do look very small, but you really do only need a tiny bit! I also picked up for £4 the cotton cleansing mitt!

Now in the mini colletion kit you get the following...

Hydrating cleansing milk -Claims - This is an execptionally gentle yet deeply cleansing water soluble creamy milk - It sweaps away impurities without effecting the natural balance of your skin, leaving your skin feeling cleansedrefreshed and hydrated.

Floral spafresh - A light hydrating splash with refreshing rose, elderflower and tangerine which soothes hydrates and revitalises skin.

Refining skin polish - A gentle cream exfoliator which clarifies, refines and helps renew tired, dull complexions.

24 Hr Moisturising complex - An ultra nourishing light cream
gel to protect, sooth and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eye area

Now the salon lady told me to use the products for a month and only those and to let her know how i get on... if i dont get on well with them then she will let ESPA know as she has had all good experiences with the products and uses them herself...

So keep tuned for a review of these products... has anyone else tried these?



  1. Wow I've enevr heard of this before but it sounds really resonable and interseting. I also totally love the name of your blog and couldn't agree more, every street has so many people with so much to offer-real people offer so much thatn the slected few who make it.
    The Fashion Tape.

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