Sunday, 20 September 2009

Weight loss...

Im not sure if this is something anyone is intrested in but i am so proud of myself i thought i would tell everyone!

As ive said in a post before i have been going to weight watchers...

Since doing it i have lost to date 1 Stone 1lb.... I am sooooo pleased!!

Every week i have gone par one week i have always lost something - it being a lb or more!

And the week before last i reached my first stone!!

Now i dont need to loose tons and tons of weight but i am looking to loose a bit, not sure how much yet but i will keep going until i am fairly happy with how i look - im not someone who is going to go silly with weight loss!

Its so good to start see my body change and clothes getting looser!! I think im going to be needing some new jeans soon as they are getting looser... spesh the ones i have on today.. getting fed up of pulling them up all the time!!

One thing that has kept me going and sticking to the weight watchers diet is the support i have recieved from my family and friends and all the lovely girlies i work with, every week they check in to see how i have got on and always always make me feel proud of what i am doing =) ! ! And its such a nice feeling when people start saying you can really see that your trimming down and loosing =)

I know this might not be something all are bothered about but i am proud so wanted so show this =)

I might just even show some before and after piccies once i finish!!



  1. Aw good job! You're right to be proud of yourself!! I am so going to start healthy eating and gyming soon too! xx

  2. Congratulations! I've lost some weight recently and my clothes are getting too big, too! It's a really good feeling, isn't it? Keep up the hard work.

  3. congrats lovely! Keep up ithe hard work! great blog! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog please follow mine as I will yours! xo

  4. congrats! loosing weight is something I always try to do but seem to never suceed... I must say that's a very motivating post! :) xx

  5. Oh congratulations. Loosing weight is quite hard. I myself tried drinking herbal tea to loose weight and of course exercise and balance diet is more important thing.