Sunday, 31 May 2009

Tinted Moisturiser - Which ones?!

Hey lil lovelies!
Hope your all enjoying the lovely hot sun!

Talking of the sun and it starting to get a bit warm, i was wondering if a tinted moisturiser would be a good idea rather than a foundation... Wondering if anyone uses one they would recommend or ones to avoid?!

Just looking on Glamour magazines site at a review of some tinted moisturisers and still dont know whats best to try! Some times peoples opinions are a bit more better than ones that you see in magazines!

I have a Benefit You Rebel one that i bought a while back but i think the colour may be a little dark for me now so might look in to the one they have brought out the You Rebel lite.. im not sure if this maybe too light for me though!

So anyone tried any? love any? hate any? Let me know!!


Saturday, 30 May 2009

HUGE Haul update!! <3

Hey lil lovelies!!

So here is one of the overdue Haul blogs i am going to do this weekend!

A lil pic of lots of items i have picked up today and over the past week!

So items i picked up are below! :

Batiste dry hair shampoo - I have seen many blogs raving about this product so thought id pick one up - I havent tried this product out as such as in i needed it as i hadnt washed my hair, as i do this at least every other day to every 2 days, but i have used it just as a fragrance for my hair if you get me, and its freshened it up!

Britney Spears Perfume in Fantasy - I was looking for a nice summery smell to wear until i treat myself to my all time fav Chanel Chance, and i picked up this Britney one that was on offer in Superdrug for the really big bottle was on only £18, and you get a silver beach kinda of bag free with it, which i didnt really want but will come in handy i guess at some point! - Love this smell, nice and summery! Strawberry kinda of scent!

OPI - Nail Colours in Lincoln park after dark &
La Paz-itively Hot - Whilst passing Sally's i thought id get 2 OPI nail colours and i was spoilt for choice on what colour to get, stood there for about 10mins then decided on these 2!! I have the Dark of the two on at the moment on my toes and had compliments!

Avon True colour eyeshadow Quad in Purple Haze - This is a dupe of the Chanel eyeshadow palette and at a snip of the price - £5 and worth every penny! Pretty light pinky purple shade, a dark purple, peachy colour and a dark grey shade, all work well together!

H&M Bronze Glittery eyeshadow Quad - I <3> perfect for the summer, Bronzey, Gold and a really nice dark grey!
My camera skills not looking good here!!

Hello Kitty 5 Colour glitter eyeshadow palette! -
I havent yet tried out this palette but im off out tonight so might try these colours out! Now i <3>&M buying something from their collection which is so cheap!!
Boujours eyeshadow quads in 41 & 46 - These we selling for 50p in a chemist near my house so i couldnt turn these down, think they are downing their collection at this particular chemist so i got myself one of each and my friend too! Also got the 3d lipgloss in shade 40, i have one of these before and the colour is a pretty bubblegum pink with light glitter flecks in it! This was also 50p!

Next Light Grey/Silver big Pearl necklace - I am addicte
d to these, i already have one of these from Dorothy Perkins in cream colour and whilst in Next saw this one, which i really liked as its on a dark grey ribbon! I have worn this one lots of times over the week <3>ng this item, and being a bit of an addict of buyin these gradual tanning items, i wanted this one too! Many i have tried before work but have that 'funny' smell to them, and ive heard this one is meant to smell nice, so will try out and let you all know!! Coming up over the weekend.... Blog on the BaByliss Curling wand i got! Take care all, enjoy the rest of this lovely sunny saturday!! xxxx

Haul and things coming up!!

Hey lovelies

I havent forgotten you all and sorry for not posting for agggeeess! Been mega busy!

But i shall this weekend be
going bloggin mad!

Got lots of Hauls, a hair haul, and loads more! i keep coming on to check out everyones blog updates but haven't had the chance to add mine!

But as its the weekend i shall no
doubt be visiting some shops and im off work next week so will be able to get back on track!!

Off to get my nails done
now so keep tuned and ill be bk blogging soon!!


Sunday, 17 May 2009

Eyelash extensions!

Hey peoples!

So as i said in my last post, ive recently had eyelash extensions and i am still loving them! Totally changed my eyes and i havent used masc
ara for the few days ive had them!
I am going to keep them up i think and im booked in for a top up and tidy up on 2nd June!

Now ive tried to take some some photo's of them but even the photos dont show how amazing they really look!They look more fuller and longer than on these photo's but they give the general jist of how they make my eyes look!


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

* New Eyelashes <3<3 *

Hey lovelies!

So tonight i got eyelash extensions...and ... OMG i <3 them!
They look even more better than i thought they would!
I will upload pic's soon of them!
Im thinking they could be a new addiction!

The lashes took 1 & half hours to be done, and on each of my own eyelashes i have an lash attached so they look all full and oooo i just love them!

Pic's to follow.....

Anyone else tried these? Been addicted?


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Product's im loving at the moment! <3

So i thought i would do a blog about the product's im loving and the moment and ones i use a lot and would recommend!

Every now and again we get an Avon book come through the letterbox and i seem to always be able to find some good value beauty products in there and one of those is a duo eyeshadow that cost only £2 and its one of my fave's at the moment the colours come out so brightly and i would purchase again! This picture really doesnt do this product justice its sooo nice!

This product works so well with another im loving at the moment and this is the four shadow quad i picked up from H&M last weekend, this duo and the H&M dark cherry purple, look so amazing on my eyes together, the colours compliment each other!

Another product that i have been using for many many years now is a Virgin Vie product called One step face base, in so
ft beige, i love love love this product, it covers the skin so well and lasts me almost the whole day, the product is £15 or £11.50 for a refill and its worth every penny! This picture also doesnt show the colour as nice as it is in person, i think its my lighting making the colour look very orange when its far from that!I use this product everyday and keep one in my bag handy incase i need to top up which i dont always need too!

On my eyes i use one liner almost everyday i think it makes me dark eyes pop, and this is the Bourjours Metallise metallic liner i
n Bleu Clinquant 54... its a really bright liner but works well with my eyes no matter the shadow i have on!

The photo i took couldnt get the proper colour so had to get one from website!!
Next product is Urban Decay Primer Potion.... omg i cant believe i didnt know about this product until not long ago... i have been addicted since, i was unsure on which eyeshadow primer i should get and it came down to Too Faced shadow insurance or Urban Decay and the shop i was in only had the Urban Decay so this is when i found out just how good eyeshadow could look!

There are many products i use daily and love but these are just a few i had at hand that i am loving... oh also loving the Mascara i got this weekend - L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion!!


Weekend Haulage! <3 again!

Helllooo lovelies!

Sorry this seems to be a regular post for me but im going to have a mass post update today so this wont be the only one!

This weekend's purchase's...

Whilst in Superdrug...( this shop should give me discount the amount i buy in there lol ) i got L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion mascara.. and i love it!! The brush looks much like the Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara and i am loving this product, it allows you to get right in to the corners of your lashes and pull them up!

Next i had heard a lot about how good bronzing pearls are..?? I wasnt sure which brand to try out and the only stands the superdrug i was in had were Collection 2000 or a brand called BeautyUK, and as these were only £2.99 i thought i couldnt go wrong, and as i have spotted some in Avon which i thought looked good and had a free illuminating pearls so i thought i would try this cheap option out until the Avon book comes round!

Then with the Launch of MAC's DazzleGlass's i had my eye on Funtabulous which i <3!>ur and might have to purchase some others online!! This was all i got on the make upside this weekend apart from a cheapy QVS eyeshadow brush which i am liking a lot actually! Still tryin to decide which MAC ones i would be best with! Every time i got in to my local MAC store, its been mega busy, hasnt been open for long and there have only been a few staff members there, who i have wanted to sit down with and have talk about what brushes and foundation products would be best for me, but havent managed to as yet...But i will!!

Anyway i am soooo looking forward to tuesday night... i am off to have eyelash extentions done and cant wait!! I have had some trial ones done before while i was in Manchester, and they did them at the Hilton hotel, and they started me off, i have been looking forward to getting mine done and there's been a wait because i think there has been a rush of people wanting them.. but ill have mine on tuesday yay!!

Keep doing a product's im loving at the moment and ones i use always post!!


Saturday, 2 May 2009

Another weekend Haul!

Hey Girlies!

So another weekend has come around so off i have been to the shops!
First i got my nails done which is something i always look forward to hav
ing done!
My nails are Gel and i have sparkly tips on the ends! Usually in either pink glitter, purple glitter or a really snowy white colour!! They are my Fave's!

I then went in to a big shopping centre near where i live and went to Superdrug and saw the Eylure Girls Aloud eyelashes!
On the 12th May im treati
ng myself to eyelash extensions which im getting done in a salon but im a bit of a sucker where it comes to eyelashes and seem to find myself buying them, so out of this collection i got Nadine, Cheryl and Kimberley's.

I was tempted to buy the whole collection but had to stop somewhere!
Then i saw some mor
e eyelashes by a brand called 2True which i have many of the eye shadow dusts, and these were only £1.91 or 3 items for £5 but i only got the lashes which look quite long so will be trying these out before i get my salon ones done!

I went in to H&M and they do a Hello Kitty collection which includes pj's and body lotions, make up bags etc and some make up items, now ive tried some H&M make up before and been ok with it so was happy to see a Hello Kitty make up palette which included eyeshadows and blusher with a reduced sticker for £1 on it! Defo worth the money!

Also got some of my Ye old faithful eyelash curlers, now along with the eyelashes i have tried out many eyelash curlers some more expensive than others but i always seem to come back to the H&M ones and they are only £1.99 which is fab!

Last thing i got was a lil make up palette with 4 eyeshadows in it, a Black colour which looks like it has some silver flecks in it, a glittery white, a glittery gold
colour and my fave a glittery lilac purple! This was only £2.99 and i was drawn the the pretty colours so that also went in the basket!!

Next stop: Was Peacocks, which is a shop i can leave or take, sometimes they have nice things in then and other times ive not found anything in there, so hadnt been in there for month's until i got Look magazine and saw the nicest shoes that i had to have!
They are a very light chocolate/coffee colour!
Im going to wear these
out tomorrow nyt which black skinny jeans and i think they will go really well together! <3>

Next stop: Next, now we have the Next shop then we also have a shop called Choice which sells more items from Next that are no longer in the shop and i managed to find these really nice wedges costing only £14.99 instead of £30!
Cant really see the true c
olour of these but they are also really nice! <3>iver Island! Wanted a top to wear out tomorrow nyt and i found a lovely top, my camera is being annoying so have had to find it on the website but it looks so much better to hand! The top has black sequins down it in panels and they really sparkle! Also my mum treated me to a really nice bag! It was £39 and worth every penny! This photo doesnt do it justice!!Cant wait to fill this with all my things! So thats all i got i think!
Hope all have a good saturday nyt!