Sunday, 10 May 2009

Product's im loving at the moment! <3

So i thought i would do a blog about the product's im loving and the moment and ones i use a lot and would recommend!

Every now and again we get an Avon book come through the letterbox and i seem to always be able to find some good value beauty products in there and one of those is a duo eyeshadow that cost only £2 and its one of my fave's at the moment the colours come out so brightly and i would purchase again! This picture really doesnt do this product justice its sooo nice!

This product works so well with another im loving at the moment and this is the four shadow quad i picked up from H&M last weekend, this duo and the H&M dark cherry purple, look so amazing on my eyes together, the colours compliment each other!

Another product that i have been using for many many years now is a Virgin Vie product called One step face base, in so
ft beige, i love love love this product, it covers the skin so well and lasts me almost the whole day, the product is £15 or £11.50 for a refill and its worth every penny! This picture also doesnt show the colour as nice as it is in person, i think its my lighting making the colour look very orange when its far from that!I use this product everyday and keep one in my bag handy incase i need to top up which i dont always need too!

On my eyes i use one liner almost everyday i think it makes me dark eyes pop, and this is the Bourjours Metallise metallic liner i
n Bleu Clinquant 54... its a really bright liner but works well with my eyes no matter the shadow i have on!

The photo i took couldnt get the proper colour so had to get one from website!!
Next product is Urban Decay Primer Potion.... omg i cant believe i didnt know about this product until not long ago... i have been addicted since, i was unsure on which eyeshadow primer i should get and it came down to Too Faced shadow insurance or Urban Decay and the shop i was in only had the Urban Decay so this is when i found out just how good eyeshadow could look!

There are many products i use daily and love but these are just a few i had at hand that i am loving... oh also loving the Mascara i got this weekend - L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion!!



  1. i want that h&m quad! looks so preetyyy! i've looked for it the other day i coulnt find it anywhere :( xoxo

  2. Awww... when i got it, it was the last one left =( if i see another one ill let u know!! x

  3. ahaaha ohh cooree your lucky! :--D
    aww thankks :) aww that love it stuff is preettyful :) xoxox

  4. I love your blog.
    Come stop by mine and say hello and take a look around! Hope to see you around soon.

    xx Belle