Saturday, 2 May 2009

Another weekend Haul!

Hey Girlies!

So another weekend has come around so off i have been to the shops!
First i got my nails done which is something i always look forward to hav
ing done!
My nails are Gel and i have sparkly tips on the ends! Usually in either pink glitter, purple glitter or a really snowy white colour!! They are my Fave's!

I then went in to a big shopping centre near where i live and went to Superdrug and saw the Eylure Girls Aloud eyelashes!
On the 12th May im treati
ng myself to eyelash extensions which im getting done in a salon but im a bit of a sucker where it comes to eyelashes and seem to find myself buying them, so out of this collection i got Nadine, Cheryl and Kimberley's.

I was tempted to buy the whole collection but had to stop somewhere!
Then i saw some mor
e eyelashes by a brand called 2True which i have many of the eye shadow dusts, and these were only £1.91 or 3 items for £5 but i only got the lashes which look quite long so will be trying these out before i get my salon ones done!

I went in to H&M and they do a Hello Kitty collection which includes pj's and body lotions, make up bags etc and some make up items, now ive tried some H&M make up before and been ok with it so was happy to see a Hello Kitty make up palette which included eyeshadows and blusher with a reduced sticker for £1 on it! Defo worth the money!

Also got some of my Ye old faithful eyelash curlers, now along with the eyelashes i have tried out many eyelash curlers some more expensive than others but i always seem to come back to the H&M ones and they are only £1.99 which is fab!

Last thing i got was a lil make up palette with 4 eyeshadows in it, a Black colour which looks like it has some silver flecks in it, a glittery white, a glittery gold
colour and my fave a glittery lilac purple! This was only £2.99 and i was drawn the the pretty colours so that also went in the basket!!

Next stop: Was Peacocks, which is a shop i can leave or take, sometimes they have nice things in then and other times ive not found anything in there, so hadnt been in there for month's until i got Look magazine and saw the nicest shoes that i had to have!
They are a very light chocolate/coffee colour!
Im going to wear these
out tomorrow nyt which black skinny jeans and i think they will go really well together! <3>

Next stop: Next, now we have the Next shop then we also have a shop called Choice which sells more items from Next that are no longer in the shop and i managed to find these really nice wedges costing only £14.99 instead of £30!
Cant really see the true c
olour of these but they are also really nice! <3>iver Island! Wanted a top to wear out tomorrow nyt and i found a lovely top, my camera is being annoying so have had to find it on the website but it looks so much better to hand! The top has black sequins down it in panels and they really sparkle! Also my mum treated me to a really nice bag! It was £39 and worth every penny! This photo doesnt do it justice!!Cant wait to fill this with all my things! So thats all i got i think!
Hope all have a good saturday nyt!