Monday, 24 August 2009

Review - Tresemme 24hr Body Root Boosting Spray

Review - Tresemme 24hr Body Root Boosting Spray...

So i got this product on offer @ Tesco's for half price but i would pay full price for this product!

I have used this for a few weeks now on my hair after towel drying my hair...

This product does what it say's on the can - it does give root boosting results!

The product claims -->

A weightless styling spray that builds awe-inspiring body and bounce to give your hair (and your day!) a little lift.

And from using the product i have been given a little more boost to my roots!

I am going to be trying out this product on a friend of mine who has lovely hair but she wants little extra volume which i am hoping this product will work on her hair!

I was going to add some photo's in of my hair once it had been blow dried to showthe lift... but then my camera decided to run out of batteries so i will try add these next time i use the product!

I have also been using the shampoo from the range, and i feel this might have also added to the body my hair has been given!

Anyone else tried this product and liked?!


Review - Boots Coconut & Almond hair mask

So tonight i used the Boots Coconut & Almond hair mask that i got on saturday and i love this product and will continue to use this as part of my hair care!

  • This mask has such a yummy coconut scent!
  • When putting the product on my hair, the mask is soooo silky, soft and creamy!
  • I left the mask on my hair for around 5 mins - might try a little longer to see the effects!
  • Once i had towel tried my hair i spritzed it with the Boots coconut & almond leave in conditoner - this product comes out so easily and has the same tasty scent!
  • Has left my hair with a lovely coconut fresh scent
  • My hair is feeling very smooth, silky and soft.
  • The product only costs £1.95 i think and you get a fair sized pot of this
This product would be ideal for someone wanting to give their hair a little treat, or for someone who needs to treat their hair to some mending! When looking hair my hair also any split ends that may have tried to come out have now been mended - if not for good but for the mean time!

Love this product - And thankies to Swalker Make up for recommending this in her hair care video!


Saturday, 22 August 2009

Hair Product Haulage

So after watching ->

SWalkerMakeup -

I decided to go try out a product that sh
e mentioned she used!

So its the Coconut and Almond Intensive Hair Mask - £1.95 < --- Amazin price! This product smells amazing...really coconutty!! <3>to try the mask out! The product seems to be a silky cream!
Boots have an offer on at the moment where some of the products in this line are £1 - so i picked up the Leave in conditoner spray in coconut and almond - This smells just as yummy!
So keep tuned for a review of these products once i have washed my hair again!!


Monday, 17 August 2009

Nails Inc - Freebie !!

So today at last came my Nails Inc Fab magazine freebie!!

The colour i picked was China Town -
which is a brigh
t pinkie colour!!

As i put in my last post, i only get the chance to paint my toes as i like to keep my Gel
nails as they are, but i am looking forward to using this colour!

I know they had tons and tons to send out but the postage took a while and tbh i had forgotten i had this coming!!

I will try review this once i have used, like how many coats makes it show to its full colour!!

Did anyone else get this freebie? Which colour did you pick?


NOTD - Barry M 294 Cyan

NOTD = Barry M 294 Cyan

I only use nail polish on my toes as i have my Gel nails done in a salon every month...

So after being addicted to the China Glaze purple i had on, i felt i needed a lil change...

I picked this amazing blue Barry M polish in Cyan - it really is a lovely colour, very bright and the colour shows so well after one coat, but i did 2!

Now i wanted to show you the colour and didnt fancy posting a foot picture so decided to paint a n
ail tip i had!

This does show the colour but until you see the true colour in the bottle you wont see its true brightness!!

Now my toes are all bright... shame the sun isnt out much at the moment.!!

<3 Barry M nail colours!


Brand Rave - Benefit

Benefit Cosmetics

I thought i would do a post on this fab brand....
Whilst shopping yesterday i was approched by a lovely Benefit
counter assistant... She grabbed my arm and tied a pretty pink ribbon with a little gold key on it...

Then she told me about their new fragrance's.... Crescent Row - she told me there are 3 in the range and are all named after 3 girls who live on Crescent Row!
Laugh with me LeeLee , Something about sofia , My place or yours Gina

1 - > LeeLee is an innocent dreamer, with a playful wink and
sweet smile. Her woody, floral mist gets all the attention with fruity citrus, luscious jasmine and alluring santal.

2 - > Sofia is adventurous and electic, her oriental and floral will take you away with its mystical mix of free-spirited freesia, heavenly lily and pretty peony.

3 - > Gina is the sassiest of the trio. She lives to tempt, taunt and seduce. Her woody, oriental fragrance perks you up with a pinch of pink pepper, zesty tangerine and wild raspberry.

All are priced at £29.50 for 30ml

The assistant gave me 3 cards with the lovely scents on and i couldnt decide which i liked best! I will most defo going back to buy either all of or one of these if i can decide which i like best which will be hard!!

I just thought this was a very girlie range!!
At the end she gave me a lil tester of the LeeLee one!!

I was impressed with the range and didnt feel like i was being pushed in to buying something and that the assistant wanted to tell me as much as she could about the range!!


Friday, 14 August 2009

Review - Bourjours Eau De Gloss - 12 Moka Frappe - Magazine Freebie!

Time for a review...

Product in the ring = Boujours Eau De
Gloss - 12 Moka Frappe
I picked up the gloss from a freebie offer in Reveal Magazine ( see previous posts ... may still be avl )

I am liking this product .. the gloss comes out in a silky smooth way and glides on the lips well... Now im not sure how long this gloss will last as i have applied this on my way to work... and its stayed on but by the time i have got to work i have thought about putting some more on...

Now this shade looks like a pinky colour but like a mocha colour too... when applied to the lips it adds a nice colour, nothing to bright or over powering, just a nice glaze... it also smells rather nice too!
Haha ----- >

As to if i would buy this product again... I am forever buying lipglosses etc some im not sure if this would be one i am going to be chasing down the shelves to get but i will use this product again...

Did anyone else get the freebie ( ish ) - How have you found the product?


Mini Mini Soap & Glory Haul...

So while darting through Boots today on my way back to my car from town i went past the Soap & Glory shelfs to see a lil tab saying 'Reduced' ... i was instantly drawn over!!

I am wanting to buy some Soap & Glory products but wanted time to look at what they have etc.. so only picked up this one item today...

It cost £1.25 ... instead of £5 i think... Bargin!

The product is Heel Genius - A soak- in Foot Mask Marvel...That smoothes and softens while you sleep....

This product smells lush... its hard to discribe the smell but it is nice and i cant wait to put it on my feet before bed tonight... think i need to treat my feet as im going shopping in London tomorrow which will involve tons of walkin!!

I will do a review of the product once tried but from looking at it im hoping its going to be good...

Found some reviews on the boots website about it...

Pedicure in a tube

I love to have a Spa Pedicure regularly, however with the credit crunch I have had to start doing them myself. This cream is fabulous for faking the 'Spa maintained pedicure'. I massage a small amount into my feet every couple of nights, pop on a pair of cotton socks and in the morning my feet are looking and feeling seriously smooth. It also smells great. I would recommend it to everyone, especially in the summer months when us girls bare our feet all the time.



I have very hard skin on my heels and have tried many things but have to say that within 2 weeks I have noticed a very big difference, would thoroughly recommend.

Hehe... Cute lil caption --------------------------------------->>>>>

From reading these reviews im already excited to use it!!

Anyone else tried and loved/hated this item?

Review to follow lovely's!


Fake Mac LipGlass - Ebay...

Hey lil loves

I thought i would blog about something rather disappointing that has happened to me....

As you may know from previous blog posts i have been wishing i
had picked up more of the Hello Kitty lipglasses, mainly in the she loves candy shade... I decided to check out ebay to see if anyone was selling one, i placed a few bids and was lucky to win one for £3.99...

From the picture it looked 100% like my lipglass, with the pink hello kitty writing on the tube...

When the item came i was excited to open it and thats when i noticed when i opened it i had been sent a fake =( ... i had not been sent the item in the photo...

My product didnt have Hello Kitty in pink on the tube... It did not have the sticker on the bottom with the name of the product... and when i opened the lipglass i found it was not a Mac Hello Kitty one because it had a smell like the smell of the make up you used to get when you were a child!

I have looked closely at the product i was sent and the tube is different in many ways...

I cant really complain because i know you can end up getting fake items on ebay... and copies etc but i was gutted it was not the product from the photo..

Some piccies below.... Top ones are of My real Hello Kitty 'she loves candy' Lipglass...The bottom ones are of the 'Fake' Lipglass...

The real Mac Hello Kitty lipglass...Take note of the top of the tube.... This is again the Real item..

Now the Fake.... =(

From this piccie the product doesnt look too bad...

Notice the top of the tube...

When i tried the product on my lips it was a different texture and not a lipglass..

This below piccie shows the bottoms of the lipglasses with the shade stickers on..

Left one is my Real one and the Right is the fake...

So yes... Yet again i am on the hunt for another Mac hello Kitty Lipglass in She loves Candy!


Monday, 10 August 2009

Subscriber Love <3

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all my lovely subscribers! Everytime i log on i have more and more and i just wanted to say a big thank you to each and everyone!!


Saturday, 8 August 2009

Freebie Love !!


So today before going to get my nails done the postman gave me a package and it was my freebie items from the Reveal Magazine offer! I have posted below about this!

I was please how quickly the items came!!Only ordered on tues
day and they have arrived already!

So the combo i picked was 'Pinks' - This was the Rose Croise
tte 04 Lovely Brille Lipstick and then the Eau de gloss lipgloss in 12 moka frappe ( got me thinking of starbucks!!) The lipstick has a little mirror on the top of the cap!

I am pleased with the products - i havent had a chance to try out t
he lipstick but did use the lipgloss before i went in for my nails and i do like this colour - the swatch ive done isnt amazing but the colour comes out really nice and glossy!!

Did anyone else take advantage of this offer? Which did you pick?!


Pics below


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Freebie offer!! -Just ordered mine! x

I have just been looking in Reveal Magazine and they have an offer of a Bourjois Lipgloss and Lipstick for Free.... Only thing you have to pay is the £2.95 P&P!!

Go on to and then special offers - look down for the offer Reveal Bourjois offer... pick your colours...

Then the discount code is RFB89

All i had to pay was P&P!

I think this might only be avaliable to UK peoples!!


Monday, 3 August 2009

Weight Loss etc...

I see some other lovelies have been blogging about their weight loss and im wondering would anyone be interested in me posting about my weight loss etc?!

Lemmie kno !


Sunday, 2 August 2009

In's & Outs

The In's

Weight Loss - I have been following the Weight watchers diet for a few weeks now and at the moment i have lost 9lb, which is over half a stone which i am very pleased about... woo not long till a stone and im gonna keep on going!

Garnier Pure active moisturiser - I have been using the product daily now for a few weeks and i do feel that it has helped my skin out, havent had many break outs, the odd lil one but none that are horrible that hurt and last for days!

Treating my hair - Sounds weird.... well i have the last few times i have washed my hair given it a good treat, by this i mean... Shampooing it in nice shampoo, then leaving conditoner in it or at least half and hour so it can suck up as much goodness as it likes, then leaving it to dry 80% naturally, Then giving it some more yummy products to make it extra soft and shine, and then giving it plently of time between last blow dry and straighten! This may sound a bit daft but sometimes i really hate the whole washing blow drying routine as my hair is very thick and this can take ages... but by giving it a bit more help i feel this isnt such a long job!

My Handbag of the moment - I have blogged about this new bag, and since having it, its got itself many compliments, funniest being today in Tescos when a man on the travelator said ooo i like you bag lol and that was from a man!

The Inbetween's ( mixture of In's & Out's )

Sales - Now im with the best of them who love a good sale - I have picked up some amazing sale items both clothing & Shoes to make up and body items. Now this is an In because all the shops i have been in to pick up sale items have all been really good prices for really good items, because sometimes you can go in to a shop or online and see products in the sale that seem to keep coming out every sale and still not selling, but all the times i have been in shops this sale time, have been good items! Now the Out part of this is.... Im not meant to be spending and spending and spending... As on 15th Aug im going to London for the day which i know for a fact will involve lots of shopping! But i keep getting drawn in to the sales!!

The Out's

Rain - I am getting so fed up of the rain at the moment, its meant to be summer, which is meant to mean nice warm sunny days, which we have seen but defo not as many as we used to, we seem to get the odd sunny nice day then it gets taken away but rain and storms!

Other drivers - This week i have noticed just how annoying and bad some other drivers can be.... Too many people constantly cut people! I have been out and about a lot in the car this week i have been off and the amount of times ive heard myself shouting in my car about other drivers!

Back to work - On monday i shall be back at work after a week off, now sadly it hasnt been a week where i have jetted off on holiday but it has been nice to not have to get up early in the morning if i havent planned to go out early, and to just not have to worry and get stressed about anything. I will be ok once im back in the routine!