Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Freebie offer!! -Just ordered mine! x

I have just been looking in Reveal Magazine and they have an offer of a Bourjois Lipgloss and Lipstick for Free.... Only thing you have to pay is the £2.95 P&P!!

Go on to www.beautyoutletdirect.co.uk and then special offers - look down for the offer Reveal Bourjois offer... pick your colours...

Then the discount code is RFB89

All i had to pay was P&P!

I think this might only be avaliable to UK peoples!!



  1. i just bought one tooo.
    thanks for this offer!
    its great!
    i also posted a link to here on my blog.
    its that amazing.

  2. Omg, rejoice! FINALLY something that's exclusive for us in the UK :D haha
    Thanks for sharing this! xo

  3. amazing! Thanks for the tip! Great blog x

  4. Thanks for this. i've just ordered pink/pink but it's the first time i've ever used my card online before so i was abit scared :s haha Thanks :)