Saturday, 8 August 2009

Freebie Love !!


So today before going to get my nails done the postman gave me a package and it was my freebie items from the Reveal Magazine offer! I have posted below about this!

I was please how quickly the items came!!Only ordered on tues
day and they have arrived already!

So the combo i picked was 'Pinks' - This was the Rose Croise
tte 04 Lovely Brille Lipstick and then the Eau de gloss lipgloss in 12 moka frappe ( got me thinking of starbucks!!) The lipstick has a little mirror on the top of the cap!

I am pleased with the products - i havent had a chance to try out t
he lipstick but did use the lipgloss before i went in for my nails and i do like this colour - the swatch ive done isnt amazing but the colour comes out really nice and glossy!!

Did anyone else take advantage of this offer? Which did you pick?!


Pics below



  1. Everyone loves a freebie!! The colours look great! xXx

  2. i took advantage of it!
    i ordered on... hmmm thursday or friday i think.. so im hoping to receive it 2moro.
    hhowever i dont remember whhich i chhose.
    so i cnt wait to try them out as i dont have any lippies by bourjois but i kno i deffo want to!
    thhaanks for the freebie offer!