Monday, 29 June 2009

Foundations & Tinted Moisturiser

This weekend i went in to Boots - and omg.... what a bargin did i get!!

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation - A flawless f
inish for up to 16hrs - SPF 15
What a promise hey.... usually costs £6.98 - which isnt too ba
d for a foundation... But but but... i picked this up for £1.... in a clearance box - only had 2 shades in there one very pale one and one in shade Tan - which i got!!

Not yet tried this product but for £1 i couldnt not try it!! Reviews on the boots site tell that its a good overall foundation that stays on as it says and makes your skin feel and look good -- sounds good still!

So i am going to try this foundation, when the weath
er gets a bit cooler to give it a fair go!

Also i picked up for £1.95 - another cheapy price - Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser in shade Beige - i have been looking out for a bargin priced tinted moisturiser to try out before i spend on a good one! And im going to try this one out! You get a fair amound in the tube - The product raves it is a light sheer covering for a natural finish, containing moisturisers to leave your skin feeling supple and soft - is suitable for all skin
types and is fragrance free!

So i shall be putting th
is item to the test also!!

Has anyone tried either of these products?


Pretty New nails

So this weekend i got my nails done and thought id post a lil photo!

They are french white tips with snowy glittery white tips! <3 em!!

Colour im currently wearing on my toes - is Rimmel I love lasting finish in Azure - really pretty blue/ green colour! Comes out so brightly and covers well in only one coat - very good - i gave mine 2 coats to ensure they last!!


H&M - Haul - Hello Kitty <3

So now for a very overdue Haul..

This weekend i popped into H&M... a shop in really liking at the momento!!

Clothes wise i picked up a lemon coloured cardi - perfect for the weather at the moment! - Bargin £7 in the sale!! - Now they have had for the past 3 weeks the most perfect Barbie pink cardi - <3>. but only one of these cardi's .. *sad*

Then as always i always check out their Hello kit
ty section... i <3>a cute packaging!! - Mind some of the eyeshadow colours have been amazingly bright!!

So i picked up from
this range, 3 items, Firstly a Hello Kitty Body Splash - now there was a greeny blue mini bottle or a pink and as these items are sealed you cant smell them in the shop and there was no tester so thought id be safe and pick pink - and i was.. smells really nice like a summer kind of sweets smell, bit like the smell of love hearts sweets! Not sure if i will use this item daily but i will keep in my bag incase i need a lil fresh smell! Might keep for my car too lol!!

Then i got a Hello Kitty 10 lovely eyes shadow palette! - Now there are some nice colours i
n this palette i am yet to use this but they look really nice! From some smokey browns to purple and even a bright greeny blue colour!!

Last thing from the Hello Kitty collection is something i always look at but hadnt yet purchased until now - its one of the Hello Kitty lipgloss's in Lovely Raspberry! Yet again it was the cute packaging that drew me in and i had a problem deciding which one to pic - could have got all of them as they were only £2.99 but thought id test one first! they all have a cute lil black heart charm on the top - mmm they smell like 1p penny sweets - ha who remembered those!!

Then i got one more make up item - this wasnt from the Hello Kitty collection but from their own cosmetic range, and only cost £1.99 each, a lil eyeshadow pot - kinda of a dupe of Bourjours Suivez mon Regard loose eye shadow pots! The shade i got was Purple Dust - and this looks like a really pretty colour - will try this out tomorrow!!

Anyone else tried H&M make up or body items!? Love or hate?


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Colour Safe Conditioner Review

Hey Sweets!

So this is my review of Tigi Catwalk - TIGI Catwalk Colour Safe Conditioner!
I found this product in TKMAX for £10 which i was really impressed with as this product in the 750ml bottle usually retails at aroun
d £19.

I have used many Tigi Bedhead products and am a big fan also of the S Factor range, and this product has been added to my list of favourites!

I have only used the Conditioner out of this range, but after using the conditioner i will now purc
hase the shampoo.

The caption on most sites regarding this product is - Tigi Catwalk - TIGI Catwalk Colour Safe Conditioner - (is a colour treatment that helps to prevent your
colour fading, giving your hair that vibrant and shiny look everybody desires.TIGI Catwalk Colour Safe Conditioner will treat your hair by adding long-lasting shine and protection to leave you standing out from the crowd!)

When putting this product in my hand the smell was the first thing i noticed and it kind of reminded me of sweets or a bubblegum smell, but one that wasnt too sickly smelling but that i wanted to keep smelling! The conditioner its self felt very silky just sitting in my hand. The first time i u
sed this product i only had time to leave the conditioner in my hair for 1 minute, and the result was even shown from this short time in my hair, it felt silky smooth and i was able to run my hands through it very easily.

Today when i used the product i left it in my hair for 5 minutes and the result was just as good but even a bit better! When washing the product out, the feeling of my hair was so s
ilky shiny smooth, my hair hasnt felt as good as it did whilst using this conditioner!

Another nice thing is, i am sat here waiting for my hair to dry off natually for a bit before i finish it with my hair dryer, but even still after washing the product out of my hair i can still smell that smell i did when i put the product on my hair, which i like a lot, as with some conditioners ive used, once washed out of my hair the scent doenst usually last a very
long time, but with this i have still been able to smell the scent of this conditioner on my hair a day after i have washed it.

I am very impressed with this product and will continue to use this!

Here is a picture of the star product itself!

Please let me know if you have tried this product and liked it as much as me?!


Sunday, 14 June 2009

Reviews... coming up..

So i thought i would just let you know about some reviews i am planning on doing and posting!

Sanctuary Salt Scrub -
This exfoliating salt scrub is a sumptuous blend of skin polishing Dead Sea Salts wrapped in moisturising Coconut, Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oils to refine and resurface the texture of the skin and leave it super smooth. - (This is the websites views on the product)

Tigi Catwalk - TIGI Catwalk Colour Safe Conditioner - (is a colour treatment that helps to prevent your colour fading, giving your hair that vibrant and shiny look everybody desires.TIGI Catwalk Colour Safe Conditioner will treat your hair by adding long-lasting shine and protection to leave you standing out from the crowd!)

Mac Style Warriors Violet Fire Nail Colour - (Revolutionary new high gloss formula. Three longwearing finishes - Cream, Sheer and Frosted. Visibly different. Provides no-streak/no-chip finish. Contains conditioners and UV protection. Go hi-lacquer!)

If there are any other products you would like to see me review then please let me know and i will try to do this.



Hey peeps!

So this weekend i had a lil Mac Haul....

I got one item from Style Warriors collection and it was t
he Violet Fire nail varnish... I am hoping to use this one tonight and hope that it is as nice as it looks!
Then i was just looking around the Mac shop, which was very busy when i was in there and spotted such amazing looking eyesh
They were the Mineralize eyeshadow duo's and the shade i picked was odd Couple... i really liked all of them, but the lady in the shop thought this one would suit my eyes so took her word for it and it was the one i thought i liked most anyway... like purple eye colours!!

I also got a few clothing items...

At the monent the small New look near my house is rubbish.
. but i went to a bigger branch and got 2 tops that cost £6 and are lovely for this weekends weather, really loose and cool. I have tried to find pic's on the website but cannot see them.. so pic's to follow hopefully...!

I also got this top from Next which im wearing at the moment~!

Only cost £10 and it fits really nice!!

The only other things i got were baby things... for a girlie i work with she is leaving to have her second baby so just some bits for her that i wont bore you with!!

Hope your all having a lovely weekend and enjoying the beautiful sun!! More blogs to follow today and this evening....


Thursday, 4 June 2009

Remember !!

Hey peepies!!

Remember today the issue of Glamour magazine comes out with the free Benefit Bad Gal Mascara - i have this in full size and its good !!

Just got mine, and now off to buy Grazia for the free Sanctuary body scrub!!


Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Hey peepies!!

I was just wondering, from watching many videos on Youtube and seein peoples blogs, how do people go about doing swaps?
Like how do you know how much to spend, what to get etc?
Sounds silly but ive just been sat wondering, always thought it was a great idea, and good if people cant always get hold of what others can!


Eyelash extensions- infills..kinda - and nail stuff!!

Hey peeps!!

So last night i had my first kind of top up/ infill of my eyelash extensions and they yet again look amazing!

First time i had them i had some short medium and long ones put it to give a natual look and plus because it was the first time i have tried these i didnt want to have all long and then it be too much! So when i went back this time for my top up, i had medium and long ones put in and i <3 them! I am so going to go the full wack next top up and have all long!

They just look so pretty, change the way my eyes look, and seem to open them up a lot!

Within an hour of having them done again i had some many compliments from people and someone even asking me which mascara i used to get that look!

I had booked an hour top up which cost £40 and i thought they were well worth it, some people i have know to have lash extensions and then get a top up, have gone back for their top up and they have only put in a few new lashes, but for my top up, i was impressed, the girlie put in so many lashes and made them so they looked just how they did when i paid and had the first full set.

I do think this is going to be another full time addiction along with my gel nail extensions.

My nails i have done every 3-4weeks and i have gel put over my own nails, and they have changed my own nails so much they seem to grow so much and so strong after having tips and gel put on them... weird hey!

Most people i hear talking about Gel nails say ' oh once you have them off your real nail is ruined etc' well this hasnt been the case once with me, mine have got better!

And ive been having them done since i was 18 and in all that time (eeek 5yrs!!) i have never had a problem and am proud to say i think i have only ever gone in with a nail off 3 times!!

So yes i think for the moment i will keep on having the lash extensions, i haven't used mascara or needed to in the whole time i have had them which has been good, but i do miss using it sometimes, sad it sounds! But i think i have saved myself some money as i did have a big addiction to buying mascaras and think i must have kept every brand going, by buying every new mascara - some good some rubbish lol!

Anyway ill try to put some pics up of my topped up lashes and my new nails that i had done on saturday!


Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Contest... If....

Hey peeps!

So i was thinking i would do a lil contest or give away when i can reach 50 subscribers to my blog, as a lil thank you for people subscribing.... do people think this might be a nice idea??

Let me know and ill have a lil think once i kno peoples thoughts!!