Tuesday, 16 June 2009

TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Colour Safe Conditioner Review

Hey Sweets!

So this is my review of Tigi Catwalk - TIGI Catwalk Colour Safe Conditioner!
I found this product in TKMAX for £10 which i was really impressed with as this product in the 750ml bottle usually retails at aroun
d £19.

I have used many Tigi Bedhead products and am a big fan also of the S Factor range, and this product has been added to my list of favourites!

I have only used the Conditioner out of this range, but after using the conditioner i will now purc
hase the shampoo.

The caption on most sites regarding this product is - Tigi Catwalk - TIGI Catwalk Colour Safe Conditioner - (is a colour treatment that helps to prevent your
colour fading, giving your hair that vibrant and shiny look everybody desires.TIGI Catwalk Colour Safe Conditioner will treat your hair by adding long-lasting shine and protection to leave you standing out from the crowd!)

When putting this product in my hand the smell was the first thing i noticed and it kind of reminded me of sweets or a bubblegum smell, but one that wasnt too sickly smelling but that i wanted to keep smelling! The conditioner its self felt very silky just sitting in my hand. The first time i u
sed this product i only had time to leave the conditioner in my hair for 1 minute, and the result was even shown from this short time in my hair, it felt silky smooth and i was able to run my hands through it very easily.

Today when i used the product i left it in my hair for 5 minutes and the result was just as good but even a bit better! When washing the product out, the feeling of my hair was so s
ilky shiny smooth, my hair hasnt felt as good as it did whilst using this conditioner!

Another nice thing is, i am sat here waiting for my hair to dry off natually for a bit before i finish it with my hair dryer, but even still after washing the product out of my hair i can still smell that smell i did when i put the product on my hair, which i like a lot, as with some conditioners ive used, once washed out of my hair the scent doenst usually last a very
long time, but with this i have still been able to smell the scent of this conditioner on my hair a day after i have washed it.

I am very impressed with this product and will continue to use this!

Here is a picture of the star product itself!

Please let me know if you have tried this product and liked it as much as me?!



  1. I have heard so much about this.. i guess one of these days i need to get around to buying it! haha. it sounds amazing :) btw, are you looking to buying any (cheap) MAC? im having a blog sale you should go check it out! pleaseee :)

  2. I've alwasy wondered about those products...thanks for the review!Great blog, come check out min sometime if you get the chance x