Monday, 29 June 2009

Foundations & Tinted Moisturiser

This weekend i went in to Boots - and omg.... what a bargin did i get!!

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation - A flawless f
inish for up to 16hrs - SPF 15
What a promise hey.... usually costs £6.98 - which isnt too ba
d for a foundation... But but but... i picked this up for £1.... in a clearance box - only had 2 shades in there one very pale one and one in shade Tan - which i got!!

Not yet tried this product but for £1 i couldnt not try it!! Reviews on the boots site tell that its a good overall foundation that stays on as it says and makes your skin feel and look good -- sounds good still!

So i am going to try this foundation, when the weath
er gets a bit cooler to give it a fair go!

Also i picked up for £1.95 - another cheapy price - Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser in shade Beige - i have been looking out for a bargin priced tinted moisturiser to try out before i spend on a good one! And im going to try this one out! You get a fair amound in the tube - The product raves it is a light sheer covering for a natural finish, containing moisturisers to leave your skin feeling supple and soft - is suitable for all skin
types and is fragrance free!

So i shall be putting th
is item to the test also!!

Has anyone tried either of these products?



  1. Thanks for following :)
    Have followed back!

    Great bargains you have there!! I am heading to the shops tomorow so hopefully get some good bargains!! x

  2. oh my god sarah...ure as girly as me..ive been trying to get some of my mates to blog...this is soooo great that ive found some1 i kno x