Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Eyelash extensions- infills..kinda - and nail stuff!!

Hey peeps!!

So last night i had my first kind of top up/ infill of my eyelash extensions and they yet again look amazing!

First time i had them i had some short medium and long ones put it to give a natual look and plus because it was the first time i have tried these i didnt want to have all long and then it be too much! So when i went back this time for my top up, i had medium and long ones put in and i <3 them! I am so going to go the full wack next top up and have all long!

They just look so pretty, change the way my eyes look, and seem to open them up a lot!

Within an hour of having them done again i had some many compliments from people and someone even asking me which mascara i used to get that look!

I had booked an hour top up which cost £40 and i thought they were well worth it, some people i have know to have lash extensions and then get a top up, have gone back for their top up and they have only put in a few new lashes, but for my top up, i was impressed, the girlie put in so many lashes and made them so they looked just how they did when i paid and had the first full set.

I do think this is going to be another full time addiction along with my gel nail extensions.

My nails i have done every 3-4weeks and i have gel put over my own nails, and they have changed my own nails so much they seem to grow so much and so strong after having tips and gel put on them... weird hey!

Most people i hear talking about Gel nails say ' oh once you have them off your real nail is ruined etc' well this hasnt been the case once with me, mine have got better!

And ive been having them done since i was 18 and in all that time (eeek 5yrs!!) i have never had a problem and am proud to say i think i have only ever gone in with a nail off 3 times!!

So yes i think for the moment i will keep on having the lash extensions, i haven't used mascara or needed to in the whole time i have had them which has been good, but i do miss using it sometimes, sad it sounds! But i think i have saved myself some money as i did have a big addiction to buying mascaras and think i must have kept every brand going, by buying every new mascara - some good some rubbish lol!

Anyway ill try to put some pics up of my topped up lashes and my new nails that i had done on saturday!



  1. p.s .. eeek long post sorrryy!! x

  2. I have acrylic nails and I can't live without them :D