Wednesday, 29 July 2009

New top <3

This week being off work i seem to have been going to the shops a lot! Not that i need a week off work to do this!

I got a really lovely top from River Island for £24.99 - now i did try to get a picture of the real item, which i took on my phone, but then noticed the lead has jump
ed out of my drawer somewhere so i will try to get a picture of the top itself later on! But here is the photo from the website -
This is a really lovely top and i am going to wear this with leggings!


Eyelash Extensions - Update = <3 em!

So i have been having eyelash extensions for the past month or so and i really do love them - addicted!!

First time i had them done, i went for a mixture of the short & medium lashes, second time which was my first top up, i was a bit more daring and had medium and l
ong ones, the same with the third top up...then this time, i went full wack and had all long lashes and i love love love them!!

One thing i have gained from having eye lash extensions is that i havent put a any mascara on since i had them first done! Which this for me is something shocking because i used to buy every new mascara that came out, drug store and sometimes even the higher end ones, hoping to get that amazing long full lash look. Some of the mascaras i had did give this look but nothing like what i have with the eyelash extensions.

Here are a few pictures of them... ( beware my photo skills are not amazing!! )

I hope these pictures show you the length of the lashes, the lashes are put on to each of my own lashes, and once they are on you cant see where they have joined! The lashes are resistant to sleep, swimming, etc, so you can do pretty much anything with them on, i havent dared to go swimming in them yet, but they get wet in the shower ( im extra careful ) and they still look as good as when they are first done.

So yeah i thought id show you the new long lashes that i love and am now addicted to!


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Collection - Help!!

I <3 this collection

I <3 the lipgloss in She loves candy...

I didnt get back up's and wish i did...

Anyone know where i could pick another up?


Monday, 27 July 2009

Review - China Glaze Coconut Kiss Nail colour <3

Review - China Glaze Coconut Kiss nail colour

Brought from - Sallys
Cost - £5.49
Shade - Purple

I picked up this item whilst in Sallys at the weekend buying some easi mesh for my hair, these were new to my local Sallys so i couldnt leave without one, and i told myself only one!

The shade i got was Coconut Kiss - I love this colour! I am wearing this on my toes at the moment! I was impressed with this brand, the polish glided over my nails really well and left a nice shine once dry, without a top coat! Now to get the perfect colour i did need to apply around 2/3 coats of this but the more coats the more deeper the colour! I painted my friends nails with this colour so you can see the pretty purple shine!


- Weekend Haulage -

So this weekends haulage took place –

In boots – I had been seeing everyone trying out the Tresemme 24hr body new hair products out and didnt want to miss out – so the 2 items i picked up were the shampoo & the root boosting spray! The shampoo has a really nice smell to it and i am looking forward to using these products when i was my hair, along with my ye old faithfull Tigi bed head conditoner!

Also in Boots i noticed they had a small stand with necklaces, bracelets and ear rings on, i think these maybe the same as sold in some clohtes shops, but this stand had lots of red stickers ( sale items ) on the products so i was instatly attracted!
I picked up 2 cute pairs of ear rings – a red daisy style ear ring set and a black flower bud set – both of these were marked down to £2 from £4 which wasnt much to start of with!

Last item in boots was from the Boujours stand – now my all time favourite eyeliner is from their metallics collection and is in a bluey/green shade that really works well with my eyes, and due to wearing this colour non stop, my eyes dont look the same without! But i picked up another eyeliner from their ‘clubbing’ range, this is in a greeny/blue colour also – i have used this today and like this product! As this was a new product out it had a small amount of money off it!

H&M – i always have a look in here when i go to this particular shopping centre and they have had the nicest Barbie pink cardi in there for weeks and weeks, the one and only one in the whole shop, in the size down from me, so the cardi would fit but not as nice as i wanted, so this weekend after my weight loss ( almost half a stone now – yay ) i thought id try it on again...but... IT HAD GONE!! Someone had brought the cardigan.. i searched the whole shop only to find it really had gone =( ...

So then i went over to my favourite spot in the shop – the Hello Kitty make up & body stuff section, i think now there are only 2 items from this section that i dont own! To add to my collection this weekend i picked up 2 mega cute lip balms, in the cutest lil tins! One in baby pink – strawberry and one in a mint green tin – vanilla – these are lovely creamy balms, the vanilla one smells like sweets! These were a bargin at £1.99 each!

I did pick up some clothes this weekend and also today but i thought id do a sep post with these items in!!
Anyone tried the 24hr body hair products?!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Most used - Hair products!

So i thought i would do a lil post on my most used hair products!

This includes – Shampoo & conditoners, creams, sprays, etc!

Most used shampoo & conditoner at the moment is Tigi Bed Head fashionista colour safe ! – Ever since i got these 2 products i havent stopped using them! I got these in the pump style bottles and they really do last a long time and are well worth the price, even better when got in Tk Maxx! These products smell really amazing and the smell lasts on your hair! The smell is kinda of like a sweet smell that reminds me of american sweets if you get me?! These products leave my hair silky, smooth and shiney! Love them!

Most used after washing hair product – At the moment and has been for a long long time now is S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer – I really love this product – first got addicted to this when i had my hair done in a salon and the hair dresser used this, and it smelt really amazing, a kinda of sweet strawberry smell, and when the product comes out it looks like it has little flecks of white glitter in it, which you can see on your hands after you have put the product in your hair! I dont think i could live without this product, it makes you hair feel soooo smooth and soft! The product is a defrizzer and tamer, and it really does what it says on the bottle! I have used this on my hair after towel drying my hair and left this on until my hair was half dry before using the hair dryer on it and this gives the product time to work on the hair! Another product i love!

Most used heat protecting product - Umberto Giannini Sleek and Chic Love It Straight Heat Protection Mist – I love this product – I first got this product in mini form, and then re purchased in the full size – This smells lovely, i used this on my hair before i straighten it, it comes out in a ligjt mist and covers the hair, i then brush this through and then used the GHD’s on it! I feel this products helps along with the others to keep my hair smooth and soft! love this too!!

Most used conditoning product – Tigi Catwalk Fast Fixx – I use this product on my hair once i have towel dried it, and every now and again to make it feel like its having a treat! I use this prodcut as a leave in conditoner and to help de tangle, not that i have very notty hair!! This also along with the rest has a nice smell!!

There are a few more products i used but these are the main ones!
Hope you like!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Beauty Rocket - Bargin website

Hey Girlies

Just a lil note to say whilst looking through the weekly magazines spotted a website - just checking it out at the moment... look like a few bargin priced make up items on there - Some items i have noticed are from past seasons but would be good if there was an item you liked that is not longer stocked might find it on here... Havent ordered from here before so cant rate the site much yet - but looking at the prices of some items they are cheapy!!

Worth a look ?!

Anyone ever ordered off this site?!


Sunday, 12 July 2009

Pretty New Bag <3

Heylo peepies!!

So this weekend whilst out buying a birthday pressie for my friend i spotted this pretty bag and even though i wasn't meant to be buying myself anything.. i ended up getting!!

Its from River Island and cost £39...i had spotted someone out with this bag and liked it but didnt know where it was from until today!!

Its quite a big bag, but when i put all my things inside it i still have loads and loads of room! ( im sure i wont have a problem adding it it!! )

Another thing i liked about this bag was the funky inside! Picture doesnt really do it justice but it just looks so funky also has a cute lil clasp to open and close it!

They had this bag in a beige colour to that had a leopard
print inside and i was torn on which bag to get a i do love prints but then thought you wouldnt see much of the inside so picked the pink and black one!!

<3 it!!

Anyone else got a nice bag recently?! i <3 bags... The one dream bag of the moment is the Louis Vuitton Vernis Alma MM ... amazingly lush bag but it retails at £1,180, so dont think ill be getting it unless someone nice treats me to it!!


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Batiste Dry Shampoo - New smells!

Just a lil post to say check out the new Fragraces of Batiste Dry shampoo's -

I got two new ones in my local Superdrug - one is in a purple diva tin and the other is an orange boho one!!


Favourite day of the week (Mon-Fri) = Tuesday!!

So i thought i would do a lil post on about Favourite day of the week - From Mon-Fri because everyone loves the weekends!!

Now my favourite day is Tuesday!!

Reasons behind this are -

I am a sucker for buying magazines....i think i have everyone that comes out each week.... and always buy ones that come out monthly aswell! - Love looking at the fashion, make up and general celeb bits and bobs - prob not all true but some good bits!

Also - Gok Wan *used* to be on, and i was a big fan of the How to Look Good Naked show - His soooooooooo lovely to all the ladies who go on this show!

Plus Tuesday is a nice free night i have before i go to exercise classes on a wednesday and thursday night... I do Dancercise - which is exercise class on a dance mat! Its lots of fun and always come out all worked out and mega boiling hot! - Worth it as always feel like ive worked hard! So a tuesday is one night where i can come home from work and laze about before exercising!!

Also now i have started back on serious diet mode, tuesday is the day i have a weigh in - and so far so good...

Mainly silly reasons why this day is my favourite but i cant help it!

Which week day is your favourite and what reasons behind this?!


- Garnier Pure Active Spot Fighting 24hr Moisturiser -


Seeing everyone talking about the new Garnier pure active products, i thought i would be able to wait and see peoples reviews but whilst shopping at Lakeside at the weekend i picked up one of the items!!

I picked up the Garnier Pure Active 24hr moisturiser - Everyday i used the Boots Perfect & protect serum but i will also be using this new Garnier product underneath this, i have used this product for 2 days now and will continue to use this and let you kno my views!

Anyone else trying this product?!