Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Favourite day of the week (Mon-Fri) = Tuesday!!

So i thought i would do a lil post on about Favourite day of the week - From Mon-Fri because everyone loves the weekends!!

Now my favourite day is Tuesday!!

Reasons behind this are -

I am a sucker for buying magazines....i think i have everyone that comes out each week.... and always buy ones that come out monthly aswell! - Love looking at the fashion, make up and general celeb bits and bobs - prob not all true but some good bits!

Also - Gok Wan *used* to be on, and i was a big fan of the How to Look Good Naked show - His soooooooooo lovely to all the ladies who go on this show!

Plus Tuesday is a nice free night i have before i go to exercise classes on a wednesday and thursday night... I do Dancercise - which is exercise class on a dance mat! Its lots of fun and always come out all worked out and mega boiling hot! - Worth it as always feel like ive worked hard! So a tuesday is one night where i can come home from work and laze about before exercising!!

Also now i have started back on serious diet mode, tuesday is the day i have a weigh in - and so far so good...

Mainly silly reasons why this day is my favourite but i cant help it!

Which week day is your favourite and what reasons behind this?!


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  1. haha this post is cute. erm im new and love your page. im the same with magazines its like i actually have to have most or all the fashion mags on a stand. take care xo