Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Eyelash Extensions - Update = <3 em!

So i have been having eyelash extensions for the past month or so and i really do love them - addicted!!

First time i had them done, i went for a mixture of the short & medium lashes, second time which was my first top up, i was a bit more daring and had medium and l
ong ones, the same with the third top up...then this time, i went full wack and had all long lashes and i love love love them!!

One thing i have gained from having eye lash extensions is that i havent put a any mascara on since i had them first done! Which this for me is something shocking because i used to buy every new mascara that came out, drug store and sometimes even the higher end ones, hoping to get that amazing long full lash look. Some of the mascaras i had did give this look but nothing like what i have with the eyelash extensions.

Here are a few pictures of them... ( beware my photo skills are not amazing!! )

I hope these pictures show you the length of the lashes, the lashes are put on to each of my own lashes, and once they are on you cant see where they have joined! The lashes are resistant to sleep, swimming, etc, so you can do pretty much anything with them on, i havent dared to go swimming in them yet, but they get wet in the shower ( im extra careful ) and they still look as good as when they are first done.

So yeah i thought id show you the new long lashes that i love and am now addicted to!



  1. where did u get these done hun? x

  2. Lasting Impressions in Ramsey - i can give you all the details if you wanted - would recommend! x

  3. what lashes are these? tad bit of advice i think you should go for a smaller length and thickness next timejust so they dont start crossing, :) look pretty though hun xx

  4. Im not sure what lashes they are as i got them done in a salon! I have brushed them with my lash comb and they are all straight now! I think i should have done that before i took pics! x

  5. does it hurt?


  6. cant feel it one bit!! Just lay there and relax and come out with amazing lashes!! x

  7. They're gorgeous! How often do you get them re done? x

  8. I get them re done every 3-4 week so once a month really!! x