Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Beauty Rocket - Bargin website

Hey Girlies

Just a lil note to say whilst looking through the weekly magazines spotted a website www.beautyrocket.co.uk - just checking it out at the moment... look like a few bargin priced make up items on there - Some items i have noticed are from past seasons but would be good if there was an item you liked that is not longer stocked might find it on here... Havent ordered from here before so cant rate the site much yet - but looking at the prices of some items they are cheapy!!

Worth a look ?!

Anyone ever ordered off this site?!



  1. Hey, I just ordered loads of stuff from this website.. hopefully it's not just a load of dud stuff. I was looking for a site with cheap eyelashes for ages... and found this one, then looked on here and you'd just put the blog up!

    I'll wait and see what all the stuff is like!

  2. Hehe - let me know how u get on!! x