Monday, 27 July 2009

- Weekend Haulage -

So this weekends haulage took place –

In boots – I had been seeing everyone trying out the Tresemme 24hr body new hair products out and didnt want to miss out – so the 2 items i picked up were the shampoo & the root boosting spray! The shampoo has a really nice smell to it and i am looking forward to using these products when i was my hair, along with my ye old faithfull Tigi bed head conditoner!

Also in Boots i noticed they had a small stand with necklaces, bracelets and ear rings on, i think these maybe the same as sold in some clohtes shops, but this stand had lots of red stickers ( sale items ) on the products so i was instatly attracted!
I picked up 2 cute pairs of ear rings – a red daisy style ear ring set and a black flower bud set – both of these were marked down to £2 from £4 which wasnt much to start of with!

Last item in boots was from the Boujours stand – now my all time favourite eyeliner is from their metallics collection and is in a bluey/green shade that really works well with my eyes, and due to wearing this colour non stop, my eyes dont look the same without! But i picked up another eyeliner from their ‘clubbing’ range, this is in a greeny/blue colour also – i have used this today and like this product! As this was a new product out it had a small amount of money off it!

H&M – i always have a look in here when i go to this particular shopping centre and they have had the nicest Barbie pink cardi in there for weeks and weeks, the one and only one in the whole shop, in the size down from me, so the cardi would fit but not as nice as i wanted, so this weekend after my weight loss ( almost half a stone now – yay ) i thought id try it on again...but... IT HAD GONE!! Someone had brought the cardigan.. i searched the whole shop only to find it really had gone =( ...

So then i went over to my favourite spot in the shop – the Hello Kitty make up & body stuff section, i think now there are only 2 items from this section that i dont own! To add to my collection this weekend i picked up 2 mega cute lip balms, in the cutest lil tins! One in baby pink – strawberry and one in a mint green tin – vanilla – these are lovely creamy balms, the vanilla one smells like sweets! These were a bargin at £1.99 each!

I did pick up some clothes this weekend and also today but i thought id do a sep post with these items in!!
Anyone tried the 24hr body hair products?!