Monday, 31 January 2011

♥ L’Oreal Studio Silk & Gloss Volume Hairspray ~ Review ♥

Recently i have been spritzing my hair with a fab hairspray… i have been using this for a few months now and have today repurchased!

The product is L’Oreal Studio Silk & Gloss Volume Hairspray!


This hair spray not only smells nice, but it does what you expect from it! Gives a little volume and holds the hair in place.

Even better still it brushes out without leaving any residue or stickiness.

When the hairspray is sprayed on the hair there is also no stickiness at all.

The first can of this hairspray i got had a little lid on where as the new one i have has a little button on top of the can.


The product info ~ This is the first studio line hairspray enriched with silk micro fibres, creates styles with volume, strand by strand. Holds all day, hair shines and feels as soft as silk.

Everyone knows how  to spray hairspray but the can suggests that you tip head upside down & spray on the roots, can be used on dry or damp hair… ive only used on dry hair!



I can spray this beauty in my hair in the morning and it holds through out the day… i have used this on a heavy night out aswell with a quiff hairstyle and after lots of dancing etc and hours out when i got home my hair was still as perfect as when i went out.

Today when i repurchased this hairspray i also picked up the volume mousse from the same range so i will be trying out this next time i wash my locks and will report back!

I would recommend this hairspray to anyone looking to try something new out for a fair price.

Currently on offer in Superdrug ~ 2 for £3.99 which is a steal!


Sunday, 23 January 2011

♥ My Wardrobe Haul…. Vivienne Westwood ♥

Good evening my lovelies!

Last week i made a purchase i had wanted to make for a long time but hadn’t…

I had been lusting after the Vivienne Westwood Melissa lady dragon Shoes!

So after taking a peek on My Wardrobe’s lovely website i spied the amazing shoes had gone in to the sale!

I had to have them! Added them to my basket and a few days later… After a mess up my DHL… another story and i would never use them again… The little beauties arrived!

£55 instead of £110…

They are gorgeous!

After reading on the website - Be a princess in pink and fall in love with the infamous Lady Dragon! The delicious bubblegum scent will put a spring in your step every morning!

I knew these would be a pair of shoes i would love!




One thing i must say that i love about My Wardrobe website is the way they package their items… they come wrapped up in lovely embossed paper, with a grey ribbon tied round the item/box and inside a lovely bag… it really does make the whole experience buying from them even more exciting and more like a present to yourself!


Anyway back to the shoes… not only are they made of a rubber material they are extremely comfy… when you slip them on they feel like your standing on a little cushion for your feet!

They have a Pink pearlescent shine peep toe with sling back and gold studs to fasten which can be adjusted. Shoes have a large pale pink heart motif on the front and a 10cm heel.

Also when you open the box a bubblegum scent jumps out at you and the shoes have the scent on them aswell!

I cannot wait to wear these shoes & look forward to taking them on my holiday with me!

I have to say My Wardrobe is a must see site… it does have a lot of lovely designer items on there but is a site i will be popping on to a lot more in the future!

Much love


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

♥ Scrumptious Scrubs ♥

Happy New Year Lovely’s!

What with all the lovely xmas smelly bits i got i have been enjoying lots of amazing smelling showers!

One product i received is one from Superdrug ~ Its their Plum & red Cherry Body Polish.

This smells amaaaaazing!

On the packaging it describes the product as being created with invigorating natural extracts and gentle exfoliants for smooth soft skin ~

Tonight i used this product in the shower and can still smell the scent on my skin. The product when squeezed out reminded me of a Jam looking texture! The tiny beads in the polish felt just right when using on my skin, and when washed off they came off my skin easily unlike some scrubs i have used that seem to cake to your skin!

i do believe this range maybe on offer in Superdrug at the moment and i will defo be picking up the body butter in this scent!

Here are a few piccies of the product! Yum!

Picture 425

Picture 426

Picture 424

(sorry for rubbish photo’s… i cant find my camera so using webcam lol!)

So if you are looking for a yummy smelling scrub head down to Superdrug!