Sunday, 23 January 2011

♥ My Wardrobe Haul…. Vivienne Westwood ♥

Good evening my lovelies!

Last week i made a purchase i had wanted to make for a long time but hadn’t…

I had been lusting after the Vivienne Westwood Melissa lady dragon Shoes!

So after taking a peek on My Wardrobe’s lovely website i spied the amazing shoes had gone in to the sale!

I had to have them! Added them to my basket and a few days later… After a mess up my DHL… another story and i would never use them again… The little beauties arrived!

£55 instead of £110…

They are gorgeous!

After reading on the website - Be a princess in pink and fall in love with the infamous Lady Dragon! The delicious bubblegum scent will put a spring in your step every morning!

I knew these would be a pair of shoes i would love!




One thing i must say that i love about My Wardrobe website is the way they package their items… they come wrapped up in lovely embossed paper, with a grey ribbon tied round the item/box and inside a lovely bag… it really does make the whole experience buying from them even more exciting and more like a present to yourself!


Anyway back to the shoes… not only are they made of a rubber material they are extremely comfy… when you slip them on they feel like your standing on a little cushion for your feet!

They have a Pink pearlescent shine peep toe with sling back and gold studs to fasten which can be adjusted. Shoes have a large pale pink heart motif on the front and a 10cm heel.

Also when you open the box a bubblegum scent jumps out at you and the shoes have the scent on them aswell!

I cannot wait to wear these shoes & look forward to taking them on my holiday with me!

I have to say My Wardrobe is a must see site… it does have a lot of lovely designer items on there but is a site i will be popping on to a lot more in the future!

Much love



  1. These are so cute they remind me of the shoes little girls get to make them feel all grown up :)

  2. Very cute :).

    Sadie x

  3. these are just like princess shoes from when I was little. . .sooo cute x

  4. So flipping beautiful, love them, want them hehe xoxo

  5. those are so cute and playful

    i know a lady who works for vivienne westwood shes a designer!

  6. I have the flat version of these with the bow and i die for the smell haha its lovely, but the plastic makes it so uncomfy.

  7. So cute, perfect for valentines day ! :)

  8. awwww!pretty shoes!loved your blog!i am following!wanna check out my blog tell me what u think or follow back if u like!

  9. These are gorge!! I have the peach ones with the blue ball on top! Have to say though the ones with the heart is really cute :)

    Hope youre well doll :) x

  10. omg these are soo cute! :D
    love the shoes,
    Anyways, if you like, check out my Guess Giveaway :D


  11. Omigosh they're adorable! :)

  12. they're sooo cute, like princess shoes indeed!♥ i'm your newest blog follower, you may want to follow my blog as well. ;)

  13. so adorable (: reminds me of cinderella.
    xxx Ann