Monday, 29 June 2009

H&M - Haul - Hello Kitty <3

So now for a very overdue Haul..

This weekend i popped into H&M... a shop in really liking at the momento!!

Clothes wise i picked up a lemon coloured cardi - perfect for the weather at the moment! - Bargin £7 in the sale!! - Now they have had for the past 3 weeks the most perfect Barbie pink cardi - <3>. but only one of these cardi's .. *sad*

Then as always i always check out their Hello kit
ty section... i <3>a cute packaging!! - Mind some of the eyeshadow colours have been amazingly bright!!

So i picked up from
this range, 3 items, Firstly a Hello Kitty Body Splash - now there was a greeny blue mini bottle or a pink and as these items are sealed you cant smell them in the shop and there was no tester so thought id be safe and pick pink - and i was.. smells really nice like a summer kind of sweets smell, bit like the smell of love hearts sweets! Not sure if i will use this item daily but i will keep in my bag incase i need a lil fresh smell! Might keep for my car too lol!!

Then i got a Hello Kitty 10 lovely eyes shadow palette! - Now there are some nice colours i
n this palette i am yet to use this but they look really nice! From some smokey browns to purple and even a bright greeny blue colour!!

Last thing from the Hello Kitty collection is something i always look at but hadnt yet purchased until now - its one of the Hello Kitty lipgloss's in Lovely Raspberry! Yet again it was the cute packaging that drew me in and i had a problem deciding which one to pic - could have got all of them as they were only £2.99 but thought id test one first! they all have a cute lil black heart charm on the top - mmm they smell like 1p penny sweets - ha who remembered those!!

Then i got one more make up item - this wasnt from the Hello Kitty collection but from their own cosmetic range, and only cost £1.99 each, a lil eyeshadow pot - kinda of a dupe of Bourjours Suivez mon Regard loose eye shadow pots! The shade i got was Purple Dust - and this looks like a really pretty colour - will try this out tomorrow!!

Anyone else tried H&M make up or body items!? Love or hate?


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