Monday, 24 August 2009

Review - Boots Coconut & Almond hair mask

So tonight i used the Boots Coconut & Almond hair mask that i got on saturday and i love this product and will continue to use this as part of my hair care!

  • This mask has such a yummy coconut scent!
  • When putting the product on my hair, the mask is soooo silky, soft and creamy!
  • I left the mask on my hair for around 5 mins - might try a little longer to see the effects!
  • Once i had towel tried my hair i spritzed it with the Boots coconut & almond leave in conditoner - this product comes out so easily and has the same tasty scent!
  • Has left my hair with a lovely coconut fresh scent
  • My hair is feeling very smooth, silky and soft.
  • The product only costs £1.95 i think and you get a fair sized pot of this
This product would be ideal for someone wanting to give their hair a little treat, or for someone who needs to treat their hair to some mending! When looking hair my hair also any split ends that may have tried to come out have now been mended - if not for good but for the mean time!

Love this product - And thankies to Swalker Make up for recommending this in her hair care video!


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  1. I ♥ Boots own brand, especially for shampoo and conditioner. They're affordable, smell gorgeous and I find it hard to tell the difference between when I've used them and the "professional/celeb hairdresser" brands.