Sunday, 2 August 2009

In's & Outs

The In's

Weight Loss - I have been following the Weight watchers diet for a few weeks now and at the moment i have lost 9lb, which is over half a stone which i am very pleased about... woo not long till a stone and im gonna keep on going!

Garnier Pure active moisturiser - I have been using the product daily now for a few weeks and i do feel that it has helped my skin out, havent had many break outs, the odd lil one but none that are horrible that hurt and last for days!

Treating my hair - Sounds weird.... well i have the last few times i have washed my hair given it a good treat, by this i mean... Shampooing it in nice shampoo, then leaving conditoner in it or at least half and hour so it can suck up as much goodness as it likes, then leaving it to dry 80% naturally, Then giving it some more yummy products to make it extra soft and shine, and then giving it plently of time between last blow dry and straighten! This may sound a bit daft but sometimes i really hate the whole washing blow drying routine as my hair is very thick and this can take ages... but by giving it a bit more help i feel this isnt such a long job!

My Handbag of the moment - I have blogged about this new bag, and since having it, its got itself many compliments, funniest being today in Tescos when a man on the travelator said ooo i like you bag lol and that was from a man!

The Inbetween's ( mixture of In's & Out's )

Sales - Now im with the best of them who love a good sale - I have picked up some amazing sale items both clothing & Shoes to make up and body items. Now this is an In because all the shops i have been in to pick up sale items have all been really good prices for really good items, because sometimes you can go in to a shop or online and see products in the sale that seem to keep coming out every sale and still not selling, but all the times i have been in shops this sale time, have been good items! Now the Out part of this is.... Im not meant to be spending and spending and spending... As on 15th Aug im going to London for the day which i know for a fact will involve lots of shopping! But i keep getting drawn in to the sales!!

The Out's

Rain - I am getting so fed up of the rain at the moment, its meant to be summer, which is meant to mean nice warm sunny days, which we have seen but defo not as many as we used to, we seem to get the odd sunny nice day then it gets taken away but rain and storms!

Other drivers - This week i have noticed just how annoying and bad some other drivers can be.... Too many people constantly cut people! I have been out and about a lot in the car this week i have been off and the amount of times ive heard myself shouting in my car about other drivers!

Back to work - On monday i shall be back at work after a week off, now sadly it hasnt been a week where i have jetted off on holiday but it has been nice to not have to get up early in the morning if i havent planned to go out early, and to just not have to worry and get stressed about anything. I will be ok once im back in the routine!


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  1. Great job on the weight loss...keep it up!!!