Friday, 14 August 2009

Review - Bourjours Eau De Gloss - 12 Moka Frappe - Magazine Freebie!

Time for a review...

Product in the ring = Boujours Eau De
Gloss - 12 Moka Frappe
I picked up the gloss from a freebie offer in Reveal Magazine ( see previous posts ... may still be avl )

I am liking this product .. the gloss comes out in a silky smooth way and glides on the lips well... Now im not sure how long this gloss will last as i have applied this on my way to work... and its stayed on but by the time i have got to work i have thought about putting some more on...

Now this shade looks like a pinky colour but like a mocha colour too... when applied to the lips it adds a nice colour, nothing to bright or over powering, just a nice glaze... it also smells rather nice too!
Haha ----- >

As to if i would buy this product again... I am forever buying lipglosses etc some im not sure if this would be one i am going to be chasing down the shelves to get but i will use this product again...

Did anyone else get the freebie ( ish ) - How have you found the product?


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