Monday, 17 August 2009

Brand Rave - Benefit

Benefit Cosmetics

I thought i would do a post on this fab brand....
Whilst shopping yesterday i was approched by a lovely Benefit
counter assistant... She grabbed my arm and tied a pretty pink ribbon with a little gold key on it...

Then she told me about their new fragrance's.... Crescent Row - she told me there are 3 in the range and are all named after 3 girls who live on Crescent Row!
Laugh with me LeeLee , Something about sofia , My place or yours Gina

1 - > LeeLee is an innocent dreamer, with a playful wink and
sweet smile. Her woody, floral mist gets all the attention with fruity citrus, luscious jasmine and alluring santal.

2 - > Sofia is adventurous and electic, her oriental and floral will take you away with its mystical mix of free-spirited freesia, heavenly lily and pretty peony.

3 - > Gina is the sassiest of the trio. She lives to tempt, taunt and seduce. Her woody, oriental fragrance perks you up with a pinch of pink pepper, zesty tangerine and wild raspberry.

All are priced at £29.50 for 30ml

The assistant gave me 3 cards with the lovely scents on and i couldnt decide which i liked best! I will most defo going back to buy either all of or one of these if i can decide which i like best which will be hard!!

I just thought this was a very girlie range!!
At the end she gave me a lil tester of the LeeLee one!!

I was impressed with the range and didnt feel like i was being pushed in to buying something and that the assistant wanted to tell me as much as she could about the range!!


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