Sunday, 17 May 2009

Eyelash extensions!

Hey peoples!

So as i said in my last post, ive recently had eyelash extensions and i am still loving them! Totally changed my eyes and i havent used masc
ara for the few days ive had them!
I am going to keep them up i think and im booked in for a top up and tidy up on 2nd June!

Now ive tried to take some some photo's of them but even the photos dont show how amazing they really look!They look more fuller and longer than on these photo's but they give the general jist of how they make my eyes look!



  1. Loving your blog! come stop by my mine and have a look around.
    Hope to see you around there soon!
    x Belle

  2. Wow, your eyelashes look fantastic! I have fine lashes so I could do with that!

  3. this is awsome hunnie ta x