Sunday, 10 May 2009

Weekend Haulage! <3 again!

Helllooo lovelies!

Sorry this seems to be a regular post for me but im going to have a mass post update today so this wont be the only one!

This weekend's purchase's...

Whilst in Superdrug...( this shop should give me discount the amount i buy in there lol ) i got L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion mascara.. and i love it!! The brush looks much like the Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara and i am loving this product, it allows you to get right in to the corners of your lashes and pull them up!

Next i had heard a lot about how good bronzing pearls are..?? I wasnt sure which brand to try out and the only stands the superdrug i was in had were Collection 2000 or a brand called BeautyUK, and as these were only £2.99 i thought i couldnt go wrong, and as i have spotted some in Avon which i thought looked good and had a free illuminating pearls so i thought i would try this cheap option out until the Avon book comes round!

Then with the Launch of MAC's DazzleGlass's i had my eye on Funtabulous which i <3!>ur and might have to purchase some others online!! This was all i got on the make upside this weekend apart from a cheapy QVS eyeshadow brush which i am liking a lot actually! Still tryin to decide which MAC ones i would be best with! Every time i got in to my local MAC store, its been mega busy, hasnt been open for long and there have only been a few staff members there, who i have wanted to sit down with and have talk about what brushes and foundation products would be best for me, but havent managed to as yet...But i will!!

Anyway i am soooo looking forward to tuesday night... i am off to have eyelash extentions done and cant wait!! I have had some trial ones done before while i was in Manchester, and they did them at the Hilton hotel, and they started me off, i have been looking forward to getting mine done and there's been a wait because i think there has been a rush of people wanting them.. but ill have mine on tuesday yay!!

Keep doing a product's im loving at the moment and ones i use always post!!


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  1. o wow i think i might just see about that mascara look nice¬! xoox