Sunday, 31 May 2009

Tinted Moisturiser - Which ones?!

Hey lil lovelies!
Hope your all enjoying the lovely hot sun!

Talking of the sun and it starting to get a bit warm, i was wondering if a tinted moisturiser would be a good idea rather than a foundation... Wondering if anyone uses one they would recommend or ones to avoid?!

Just looking on Glamour magazines site at a review of some tinted moisturisers and still dont know whats best to try! Some times peoples opinions are a bit more better than ones that you see in magazines!

I have a Benefit You Rebel one that i bought a while back but i think the colour may be a little dark for me now so might look in to the one they have brought out the You Rebel lite.. im not sure if this maybe too light for me though!

So anyone tried any? love any? hate any? Let me know!!



  1. the benefit ones are quite good

  2. you could just mix your regular foundation with your regular moisturizer, i do this all the time and it also means you can vary how much coverage you want that particular day with how much moisturizer you add.