Sunday, 27 September 2009

Primark Make up Palette & Virgin Vie Haul

Me again….

Whilst in Primark this week, i noticed a little make up palette they had costing £2… it has 10 eye shadow squares in it, kind of in the style of the Urban Decay Shadow palettes!

I thought at £2 it wouldn't hurt to get one and if its no good its only cost me £2!

Picture 139 Picture 143 Picture 144

I have tried to do some swatches of the colours but the lighter ones don’t seem to have come out to well…

Here the lights ones are with some Urban Decay Primer Potion… 

                 Picture 162

The colours in the palette are – A white frost colour – Glacier – Not sure how well this will come out on the eye!

A baby baby pink – Lavender – which was quite hard to swatch because it was so light!

A frosty baby blue – Denim – in the palette this does look a nice shade, but took a lot of the shadow to get a good swatch.

A coral – Blossom – Yet again will take a bit of the shadow to get the full colour.

A green – Paradise – This was a light one that took a bit to swatch!

A really bright bronze – Fudge – This one didn't take much to get a good swatch!

A dark navy blue – Midnight – I think because this is a dark colour the swatch came out well.

A purple – Regal – This is another darkish colour which came out well in swatch.

A dark black colour – Liquorice – Dark some came out well.

A grey with tiny bit of glitter – Galaxy – Another darker colour some came out Smokey.

I will review this little palette once i have had chance to use it… i think some colours will be good but for £2 you cant expect much!

Now to the Virgin Vie product -

This item cost me £3 in the sale and i love it!

Picture 157 Picture 158 Picture 161

This product is double ended and has a cream colour and a powder colour – I wore this on Friday night and it looked lovely! The cream colour is the main eye colour and then the powder is used to highlight it. This swatch doesn’t do it justice it really is a pretty purple colour!

Anyone else tried any make up items from Primark?



  1. I really like the look of the Primark Palette and like you say.. Its only £2 so its not a waste if it ends up being not much good. Think I'll pick up one next week, while in town.

    Jo.. X

  2. hiya :)

    im going to follow you after ive posted this! great blog!
    (i only really use this site to read about others - i dont blog myself, well i did one!..i get too stuck and find i talk rubbish lol) anyway, just wanted to say that i have the bronzer & blush duo from Primark and i really like it! it comes in SUCH cute packaging and is really similar to Benefit - packaging wise and the fact you get a little brush resting on top. Also it was like £2.50? so i had to buy it, im a sucker for cute packaging haha.
    The only thing id say bad about it is that its really shimmery, i dont really use the Bronzer side as its too shimmery for my liking and i prefer my Boujouis one, but i use the blusher side everyday and its nice (i like my blusher to be quite shimmery - and i always sorta wipe off any excess) but yeah its really pink and lasts all day !

    hope this is of some kind of help


  3. That's some beautiful colours!!