Sunday, 20 September 2009

Maybelline Ambre Rose - Love this!!

I love Maybelline Ambre Rose Lipstick...

After seeing all the posts from the lucky ladies who got to go to the Maybelline event, i saw so many reviews and loves for the Ambre Rose lipstick... so i decided to try it out...

I use lots of lip glosses etc more than lipsticks until i tried out this lovely product... I love this shade, it comes out on your lips so well and creamy... I have been wearing this lipstick with the Barry M lipgloss in shade Iridescent Violet Glitter and the two of them go nicely together!

I know so many people have this lipstick so i know most will know what the colour looks like!

So just to anyone who hasnt tried this lipstick and is wondering if they should i would defo give this a go!!

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