Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Weekend Haulage <3

Hey lovelies

hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend!

I just thought i would show you a few Easter weekend bargain's i have picked up!

Superdrug seemed to be doing a blue X money off on certain products through out the store… i picked up the following…

Picture 235

Venus Breeze razor – this will be perfect for my holiday which is coming round quick, no foam needed as its all attached to the razor -

Veet – I hadn't seen this coloured box before so thought i would pick this up to use before my holiday to get rid of any un wanted hair!

Picture 236

L’Oreal Perfect Clean – Already being a fan of this product and the little scrublet! I spotted this new one that it ideal for Blemish prone skin – contains salicylic acid – so i thought i would get one of these!

All of these items had some money off of them but now looking at my till receipt they only put the price after on so i am not sure how much they were before!

Then in ASDA i spotted these curling tongs for £10 which is a bargain as i have seen them for £15- 20 in other shops!

Picture 234

I tend to use my GHD’s to curl my hair but i thought i would see what these are like for £10!

Anyone else pick up any Easter Bargains!?

Oh forgot to show you another bargain i picked up …. Easter eggs for my besties in Thornton's – i had names written on them – due to my rubbish photo taking you can really see but anyway!!

Picture 238



  1. ahhh I've been looking for Loreal scruby thing ever since i saw a review on a beauty blog, but could never find it in england! Where did you find it? :P haha x