Sunday, 25 April 2010

NOTD – NUBAR – Hyacinth Sparkle <3

So whilst i was stood in the salon i get my eyelashes done my eyes were drawn to this amazing nail polish!

By NUBAR – in shade Hyacinth sparkle – a beautiful sparkly mega glittery purple polish!

£8.00 later it was in my bag and i was on my way home to use it straight away!


Now be prepared for some toe shots… as i only wear polish on my toe nails and i couldn't find any tips to swatch this i had to made do with my toes!

Picture 242

Picture 244

Picture 245

Picture 246

Picture 247

i tried to get as many shots of the true amazingly sparkly colour but the light was dubbing it out!

I put three coats of this on just so i could get maximum coverage and boost of colour but 2 coats would be enough!

This polish is amazing when the sunlight hits it, it goes really sparkly and looks lovely… my toes have had many compliments!

I am defo going to be looking in to buying more nail polishes from this brand… i found on they have this brand at £6.50 for most colours which is a few pounds off what i paid at the salon, but it was worth every pound of the £8 i paid!

Also if you look on the site there is a true to life swatch next to the colour i have got!

Toes now all ready for my holiday on Tuesday!



  1. Love the glittery polish! I bought one that's just clear with glitter and put it on top of any color I choose :)

    Beautiful blog! I adore it. <3

    Have a look at mine sometime. xxxxxxxx


  2. I love nubar nailpaints!! with zoya my fav!!