Friday, 26 February 2010

Fragrance Direct Haul – St Moriz!!

I thought i would share with you a fab website i have just received an order from

I have looked in many TKmaxx stores etc for the ever so much loved St Moriz tanning products but never seem to find it – so i had a look online and found this site that has it for £2.99 which i think is how much people have been finding it for!

I ordered both products they have, the tanning mousse and the tanning spray!

Both costing only £2.99 – you do need to pay post and packaging but the order came mega quick! i only ordered Wednesday and paid standard delivery and it came today Friday!

I am really looking forward to trying out these products but if you cant see this in shops near you i would urge you to order from here!

Picture 223

Picture 224 Picture 226



  1. I use this website to get st moriz too :D XO

  2. thanks for this, always been tempted to buy a few things off fragrance direct:) xx

  3. Thanks for sharing! I didn't know that site sells it, I'm going to stock up right now!! x

  4. wow, im too scared to try self tanners, well i really dont need it since i tan easy and well im mexican i have darker skin lol
    but awesome for you my dear

  5. your right, every street is a cat walk :)

  6. Cute blog... with really good tips!


  7. i use these tanners, and i love them
    this video, is my product review, i review this in DETAIL :)

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