Thursday, 20 May 2010

Things I'm loving at the momento….


* Having a tan – from my holiday in Egypt i came back with a lovely tan.. and having a tan makes me feel so much better and its so nice to look down at nice tanned skin rather than milky white legs!

* Sandals & Flip flops – Thanks to the sort of nice weather we have been having at the moment the toes are out, i have been addicted to buying sandals and flip flops, There are so many pretty gladiator ones out at the moment – getting the toes out also means getting out all our favourite nail colours to doll the toes up from our dark winter shades!

* Body Butters – Since being back from holiday i have spent more time than usual covering my body in creams and body butters to keep my tan up and not peeling – i have had a lil peeling on my tummy much nothing to much, i am currently loving the lil body shop freebie from Marie Claire magazine this month, i got the LOVE etc one and it smells amazing!

* Dry shampoo’s – i have been using these a lot recently, not because i haven’t washed my hair but due to the fact that it can give us girls a bit of volume in our hair and spruce up your hair after being at work all day!

* SATC 2 movie – oooooooommmmggg! How excited am i for next Friday night… wooop sex and the city 2 movie comes out and i have been talking about this with my friendies so much and how much we cant wait to see this next movie and then remembering so many moments from the last one and the whole box set!

* Being lighter @ night time for longer…. You can tell summer is on the way by the nights staying lighter… its 8.30 pm at the moment and its still not dark! Today we have had some lovely sunshine and its been a bit warm, well warm enough for silly me to go to Waitrose in a denim skirt! But its so nice to come out of work and it still be sunny and light!

Anyone else loving any of these things? some silly but all things i have been loving and looking forward to recently !!


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