Sunday, 19 September 2010

New York Treats ♥

So whilst in the amazing New York…


We made a trip to the beautiful store of Tiffany & Co..

The New York store has many floors full of sparkling jewels for the eye to see… The ground floor being the more pricey treats!

I headed up to floor 5 i think it might have been….

I went in to Tiffany’s knowing i wanted a Tiffany Key…

I had such a hard decision on which key to pick as there were so many i had to pick from and loved…

In the end i chose this beauty!

Picture 374

Picture 377

Picture 378

Picture 379

Picture 380

Picture 381

( not sure you can see unless you look very close on this rubbish photo… it had the Tiffany markings on it! )

I picked the chain to go with it that was a small beaded chain.

I love this necklace… ♥

I also loved the little green box with white ribbon on.. which i didn’t want to undo but had to in order to get this out!

Next stop….. Juicy Couture  ♥

Picture 382

This sparkling heart necklace…

Picture 383

Picture 384

Picture 385

Picture 386 Picture 387

Picture 388

I love Juicy and their cuteness that they had to their items… cute little crown on the chain and also near the clasp!


  1. Gorgeous jewellery! I love Tiffany & Co :) xx

  2. Lovely jewelry haul!:D I like your picks.:D

    I am your newest follower!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. The Tiffany one is so adorable. :)

  4. I love Tiffany Jewelly and I also have a key! I would love to go to New York, it looks amazing! x

  5. Hey honey!

    I gave you an award!

    xxx -Mallory

  6. Rhhh want that key chain,too.
    Lovely bog by the way.
    Check out my if yoiu want :O)

  7. beautiful!!!!
    new york must be amazing!!