Sunday, 24 October 2010

♥ Boots Offer of the week ♥

With Christmas approaching faster than we think i have been taking advantage of the Boots offers of the week… each week on a Friday morning @ 7am the new Boots offer of the week is on sale.

I look on Martin Lewis money saving experts website every Wednesday to find out what the new item is going to be!

Last weeks item was the Ted Baker Girliest Convenience Vanity Case ~ usual price £40.00 but last week it was on offer for £19.00.

I took advantage of this lovely case!


Picture 405

Here is the very pretty case! Bigger than i thought too!

Picture 406

Cute Zip detail!

Picture 407

A Huge pocket for storage!

Picture 409

A bunch of lovely Goodies in side!

Picture 410

2x Body sprays

Picture 411

Picture 413   

A body lotion

Picture 414

A dinky candle

Picture 415

Picture 412

Body wash & body soak

Picture 416

A tub of Body Soufflé!

Picture 417

Plenty of room in the bottom… i have kept the tissue in their at the moment as the products are living inside the cast atm!

I think this item is defiantly worth the £19 i paid on offer… i am not sure if it is worth £40 but then i am a sucker for items like this!

The current offer of the week is Sanctuary Spa Perfect Pamper Box ~ @ £19 instead of £40… i have purchased one of these so will show you when it comes!

Anyone else addicted to these Boots offers of the week!

I am hoping they do a Soap & Glory one like last year!



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