Monday, 1 November 2010

♥ Sanctuary Spa Pamper Box ♥

The other week Boots offer of the week was the lovely Sanctuary Spa Pamper box.


Was £19 i think down for £40!

I love these boxes, mainly for the items inside but also for the boxes as i keep them and use them to store make up or jewellery etc!

Box contained ~ 1x 250ml Body Wash, 1x 50ml Body Scrub, 1x 75ml Luxury Bath Float, 1x 75ml Foaming Bath Soak, 1x 250ml Body Lotion, 1x 150ml Body Butter, 1x 25ml Classic Eau de Toilette, 1x 30ml Hand Cream, 1x 60g Salt Scrub Sachet, Luxury Shower Cap, Spa Skin Body Polisher.

The items smell gorgeous! ♥

Here are some photos of it!

 DSCI1570 (2)

DSCI1572 (2) DSCI1581 (2) DSCI1577 (2)

DSCI1582 (2)

DSCI1586 (2)

DSCI1589 (2)

This was so worth the £19 offer price as most of the items cost just over £5 anyway!

Sold out in a few days too


  1. That looks so good! I'm very jelous :)


  2. the box itself is gorgeous! :]
    I wish I could get my hands on it but I live in the US!

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    Sheree x

  4. Looks nice and hope you enjoy. Nice blog.

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  5. oh now i want a pamper box! :D

  6. wish I could get one for my gf

  7. Looks like you got a great deal, you should review the products as you use them up!


  8. this looks soo sweet:) defelently wanna have that

  9. The box alone is fantastic and you got it for such a great price!:D

    This would nice for Christmas presents!:D Hopefully they restock.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  10. They sell this same box in wh-smith in other gorgeous patterns.
    Well done...that deal was totally worth it.

  11. Love Sanctuary products - especially the scrub - smells like oranges !! New follower:-) please check out my blog too x

  12. Sounds great!


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