Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Liz Earle… 15th Anniversary ♥


Hey again… on a roll tonight…

Meant to show this to you weeks ago now…

A while ago i had an email from the Liz Earle newsletter informing me that you could purchase a limited edition celebration 150ml Hot cloth cleanser with a tin on a 12hour special… for only £15!

I quickly got on the phone and ordered mine!

DSCF1280 (2)

I love how they package their items when they post them out and they always put a price list etc in the box!

DSCF1281 (2)

DSCF1283 (2)

Hehe Mr Big Bottle!

DSCF1282 (2)

They always also when you order online add in a little sample … here is mine!

DSCF1284 (2)

They also put so much information about their products in the box which i love, as you can find out about the product without having to scout the website!

With the tin you got the 150ml hot cloth cleanser and a muslin cloth!

I am just about to start this big tube as i have a tiny bit left in my little tube!

I have got so many of my friends hooked on Liz Earle now! They all love the products and we always tell each other about new ones we have tried.. also getting people in work hooked too lol!

Hooked too?! xx


  1. I'm so gutted I didn't order this now! I have got my aunties in to Liz Earle too, it's fab! x

  2. I love Liz Earle i'm hooked on the hot cloth cleanser! :) Great post xo


  3. I really want to try Liz Earle products, everyone says that they are great! What would you suggest? xx

  4. i also read a lot of reviews on this product, defiantly try this one


  5. my favorite cleanser of all time, they should really make this 150 ml tube a regular size in their line, i never buy the other 200 ml tube without the pump as i love how the pump gives you exactly the right amountfor your face.


  6. Great post love your blog!