Monday, 14 June 2010

Products im loving at the momento <3

Good evening lovely peoples!

I thought i would just show you a few products im loving @ the momento!

Boots 17 range eye shadow in shade funfair!

Picture 303

Picture 304

Picture 305

Beautiful peachy natural colour!


This nifty product always gets me out of a hole when i get a spot pop up! I pop a bit of this on the lil tinkler at night then by the morning the soreness and redness has either gone down or the spot has gone completely!

Picture 306

My new teasing brush!

Bargin £2 from TKMAXX!

Perfect brush for a bit of teasing on the hair and giving volume!

Picture 300

Trevor Sorbie Beautiful thickening leave in conditioner

This product says it is for fine fly away hair and i have quite thick hair, im not sure how well this product works yet as i only got this at the weekend but it leaves your hair smelling yummy! When i had washed my hair this morning and only used this product on my locks it did seem to give me a bit more volume but i wont comment too much yet as i have only just tried this!

Picture 301

Picture 302

Uk Magazine Freebies!

I have seen a million posts on this fabby freebie and i am glad i managed to pick up all 3 items!

Picture 309

Just a few bits!



  1. I love sudocrem for spots and its so cheap, going to town get that eyeshadow its right up my alley lol x

  2. I also love Sudocrem, I've sworn by it for years :) I have Funfair as well, it's such a pretty colour! xx

  3. I love sudocrem too, it gets u out of those horrid situations when you're like: I can't go out of the house with this spot! *Grab the sudocrem and now you can!!*
    I also love the Glamour freebies, I think i like the eye bright best!

  4. the sudocreme thing is great!! could not agree more!