Monday, 14 June 2010

Review – Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish xpress 1 sec brush <3

So as i said in a previous post i would review these nail colours! Beware some photos of toes included!

The first colour my toes have been supporting is the Fast & Fuchsia shade!

Picture 312

A vibrant pink colour!

Picture 315

The first thing i loved about the polish is the brush, the 1 sec brush is a lil wider than the regular brush which defiantly helps the colour glide on better!

Picture 314


Next thing was the actual shade of the product, it really went on my nails just like the colour you see in the bottle, sometime you can buy a colour but once its on the nails it doesn’t come out the same, or you have to put on a million coats! But this one goes on true to the bottle colour on the first coat! I did put 2 coats on but only because i wear my nail colour for a while so want it to last!Picture 313

Next was how long the product actually stayed on my nails.. i have had the colour on my nails for well over a week now and had my toes out most days in flip flops and the colour hasn’t chipped or worn off at all.

Lastly was how quick the polish took to dry, im not sure if it was ‘60’ seconds but it did try quicker than other polishes ive had!

Picture 310

Overall i am really pleased with this product, im looking forward to checking out the other colours to see how well they perform!

Picture 311

I hope this helps people & i would recommend the Rimmel polishes for an affordable colour.

From looking in Superdrug today a whole range of bright summer colours are available!

For anyone wondering… sandals from Primark for around £4 i think!

xx <3 xx


  1. yum nice colour

    great review, and nice sandals ;)


  2. i love nail polish reviews... but i really need to get my nails done or something. if i do them myself it's just tragic (sooo messy)
    but your nails look great!

  3. Oh, i love the sandals! I wish they had a Primark in the US.. also a lovely nail polish. Looks great!

  4. love rimmel prodcuts!

    xo nancy

  5. Hi Sarah

    We are loving your reviews on 60 Seconds Nail Polish, fabulous! It would be great to hear what you think of NEW The MAX Waterproof Mascara...will it be your summer essential?!

    Rimmel London x

  6. Awesome colour... I'm loving a bit of pink right now!

  7. Lovely colour!!
    Great blog.

    xx fesi-fashion

  8. I love love Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish.
    Brilliant blog you have here luv x

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  10. Nice color! Very berryish.

  11. That seems to be a very trendy color now... well, that and gray. Gray is SUPER in. Gray nails.. gray hair... all the celebs are rockin' it.

  12. ahhh i have this nail varnish too! its in my most recent post actually, with a whole rimmel goodybag :)
    haven't tried it out yet though, but it looks amazing! :D
    Olivia x

  13. What a pretty nail color on your toes!
    it compliments your skin tone so beautifully!

  14. Thanks for the review! The other day I was @ Wal-mart and I found these nail polish on the shelves, and they were all gone, and I was wondering why everybody bought these and I guess what you said, they were great!

  15. really pretty.

    great blog.

  16. Great color!

    lovely blog!

    Cheers, Jesa