Sunday, 11 July 2010

<3 New Shoes & Pretty Tootsies <3

Afternoon Lovelies

Just thought i would show you some lovely new shoes i got today… whilst in Tesco’s of all places!


Picture 316

Picture 317

Picture 318

Also i have pretty tootsies to go with them at the moment, main colour is Revlon One perfect coral, with a pretty flower design painted on each big toe!

Picture 319

Picture 320

They go together so well <3

Picture 321

Picture 322

Picture 323

Picture 324

Picture 325

Looking at these…. they might be comfy ones!



  1. i love those, will have to go to tescos soon :) x

  2. wow tesco is getting really good for clothes etx x

  3. wow, i better get myself down to tesco! my blogs new, please follow