Sunday, 11 July 2010

♥ Rimmel Vinyl Gloss ♥

So the next item Rimmel have sent me is one of their new Vinyl gloss’s in shade 440 Her Majesty.Picture 326

A lightly sparkled pinky shade!

Picture 327

Picture 328

Picture 329

One of the things i love about this gloss is it glides on the lips smoothly and the texture isn’t sticky at all unlike some others i have tried!

 Picture 330

 Picture 331

Today is the first day i have used this and the colour stays on lips for sometime, i am going to wear it to work tomorrow and see how it manages on my talking lips all day! I don’t expect it to last all day though lol but how long it stays on would be good to know!

Also it gives a lovely shine to lips!

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  1. ur blog is amazing! Now following u! Where did u get ur cool font from please? xx