Sunday, 11 July 2010

♥ Product Rave – Imperial Leather Foam Burst ♥

A product i have been using a lot recently and loving is the Imperial Leather Foam Burst Shower Gel style products!

Picture 335

These come in a range of smells and colours!

Two i have been using are Hawaiian Spa & Sunrise.

Picture 336

Sunrise having a fresh, kinda of citrus scent, packaging tells it well, uplifting mandarin, Lemon balm & ylang Ylang.

Hawaiian Spa being another lush smell – Coconut milk & Tiare flower.

These come with a lil pump style top that shoots out the liquid which mega quickly turns in to foam.

Picture 337

Could be used instead of shaving foam!

There is one scent that is for using as a shaving style foam wash! I have a feeling this one might be a little bit of a thicker product!

Picture 338

All of these products in the range smell amazing, and once washed off the body leave it feeling silky smooth & soft with a beautiful smell!

They say the bottle can last up to 40+ washes, so depending on what you use them for – ie shaving the legs or washing the body & how much you use will depend on this!

These usually retail for just over £2 that i have seen but i have spotted them on offer in many shops recently!

So if your on the hunt for something new to take in the shower one of these might be just what you are looking for!


  1. I've tried this recently and the foam was great however, after a week of using this shower gel, I noticed it really dried my skin out :( shame.

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  3. oh! I'll have to try these out!

    lovely blog :)

    cheers, Jesa