Sunday, 19 December 2010

Lip Lovin! ♥

With this cold weather here in the uk our lips do need a lil bit of lovin as well as the rest of us…

One product i have been using and have already used up completely is Nivea essential care lip balm stick.

Nivea have many lip care products out but this is one i have been using non stop!

With its creamy texture this glides on the lips so nicely leaving them feeling smooth & soft in no time!

Currently on offer for £1 in Boots & Tesco’s!

What Nivea says ~ Nivea Lip Care Essential provides protection for your most vulnerable skin. Your lips are constantly exposed to the elements, making them extremely vulnerable. But, unlike other skin, they are less equipped to protect themselves. So to keep your lips soft & smooth, you need to moisturise & protect them, on a daily basis. That's why Nivea have created lip care essential, containing ProVitamin B5, Vitamin E & Jojoba Oil. It has been specially formulated to care for your lips everyday.

This handy stick is ideal to slip in your coat pocket or in your bag! I currently have one in my coat pocket, car & on my desk at work… ready for when my lips need a little treat!



  1. Perfect timing! I just ran out of my chapstick stock, great suggestion to consider when I go out shopping. :)

  2. i'm definitely going to try this, thanks for the review! xx

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  4. Great choice. I love the nivea stick.

  5. I love this one, as well as Vaseline. I never leave the house without my baby jar of Vaseline and I put it on every morning and night too!

  6. yes i love nivea lippies, but i havnt tried this currently i am using fruity shine in strawberry..
    my recent post loreal-hot-straight

  7. I love this one and vaseline. I like that they have it in different colours too. xx

  8. i swear by nivea lip balms as well, they work wonders! lovely post and blog dear. follow each other?
    have a great day xo

  9. heyya :)
    <3 your blogg, + when i read this post I went to tescos and bought two! :) LOL
    Follow me??
    Izzy xxx <3