Sunday, 6 February 2011

Boots Haulage.. ♥

This weekend saw me visiting a few shops… Boots being one of them!

I can always spend ages in Boots looking at all the make up etc..

I picked up…


Diet coke x2 in order to pick up the freebie Nails Inc polish in shade denim..

2 for £7.50 John Frieda Hair products ~ one being the very talked about 3 day straight & then the smooth start conditioner..


Bourjois Delice de poudre – Brozing powder ~ looks and smells like a bar of chocolate!..

Nivea natural volume lip cream… have been eyeing this up for some time and spotted it on offer so snapped one up!

I shall be using the John Frieda hair products tonight when i was my hair so look out for a review in a few days!

Boots currently has lots of items on offer… so worth a trip!

Oh and picked up the latest issue of Cosmo!



  1. I really want too try the john freida 3 day straight you will have to do a review on it & tell us what its like! XO

  2. Cosmo! I've just been reading that on the train haha!!
    Let us know how the frizz product go! My hair is out of control at the moment but I never know what to use!!

    Love J.

  3. Great blog!!

    I'd love if you would check mine out --


  4. Oh I love reading cosmo.. I have also heard that the John Frieda product works well!