Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Eye Eye! What i have been loving on my eyes!


Ever since going to the Boots sales i have been using a palette from a collection they had as part of the No7 Christmas collection.

Picture 429

This palette contains 3 eye shadows, a mirror, 2 small applicators, a mini mascara, mini eye shimmer & mini lip gloss.

Picture 430

I haven’t really used the shimmer or mascara or lip gloss but the eye shadows have been part of my everyday eye shadow routine.

 Picture 432

I have been using the peachy colour all over the eye lid, the adding the darker brown shade to the outer corner then the middle milky colour to the inner corner.

Picture 431

Sometimes i have added a bit of Mac’s all that glitters to give it a boost!

I think i picked this palette up for around £5 i think from what i can remember and its worth every penny! The mascara would be ideal as one for your purse if taken on a night out!

Overall i think these palettes are fab, only a few pounds and ideal to pick up as a gift or even for yourself!





  1. I love Boots...I wear only their eyeliner! Hope you are having a great day honey. I'm having a guest series on love today...check it out!

    Kori xoxo

  2. I really wanted this for Christmas but never got it in the end. It looks lovely though.
    Nice post.
    Zoe x
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  3. This all looks so lovely!