Monday, 25 January 2010

In’s & Out’s at the momento! <3


Dove Summer Glow – i use this is the shade medium to dark skin – i really love this product – after one application the colour on my legs is amazing – even so that someone asked me i had been on holiday!!

I use the product after using a mitt on my legs to exfoliate in the shower – then i moisturise my legs then put this lotion on and in the morning woo lovely streak free tan!

Boots coconut and almond intensive hair mask – i have been using the product now for many months after seeing it on Sara from Swalker make up’s YouTube video – this product is not only an amazing price for around £1.99 i think, but it really does work – i usually apply this to my hair for as little as 3 mins whilst in the shower and it makes my hair so silky soft – the best feeling is after having mega curly hair that's hair product in it, then using this mask on your hair, it really takes it back to the soft silky hair you had before!

Ugg boots – Now i am lucky enough to own 2 pairs of these mega comfy boots – Light metallic beige and the Tall tan. I just love how these are so easy to wear, mega comfy and how you can wear them with most day time outfits!


11 weeks till i go on holiday – yep in April i am going to Egypt for a week with some lovely friends and it feel soooo far away wish it would hurry up!

The weekends going soo quick – It seems like as soon as Friday comes Monday seems to get here really quick!

Bit of a naff post i know but i am currently thinking of some more posts to do and thought i would share this while my brain works!



  1. Doesn't it stink when the weekend just flies by?! I wish we could just pause for at least a few extra hours = ) Just stumbled across your blog and adore it! New follower and just wanted to say hi! Happy Saturday.

  2. I love ur blog! :)
    pls check mine out :)